jane lady: do you have organic fruit?

aime: do you even know what organic means? it means any substance that contains carbon. i'm organic! you're organic!

lady: nevermind...
case of space wonder if cancer is organic.

or small gathering of nonorganicness plotting it's takeover.
notme biologique 040325
nonlucid like chemical: does this water have chemicals in it? Yes, the ever-dreaded substance dihydrogen monoxide. Better be careful there... 040703
emmi why is everything organic these days? i think it's ridiculous that people are being so snobby about food while there are zillions of people starving to death in the world. 050404
epitome of incomprehensibility Yes, I agree. But there are "fair trade" labels on food now and if you can find one labeled as both, then good for you. (Mommy, if this is fair trade organic sugar, does that mean it's good for me?) It SO does. By the way, my favorite course is Organic Algebra. Ha ha ha ha ha. 060118
$$$ A totally organic experience. 060505
hsg Organic is not only things with carbon. that's a purely academic definition & obviously not relevant to the food industry.

foods grown without synthetic chemicals, non genetically modified etc. that's organic.
Infinite Luv I just started my health craze. Bought a juicer, and a juicing book, and some organic vegetables. I hope it goes well cause I hate vegetables. 061022
hsg good for you!
read the_food_revolution

eat the pulp, too.
juicing's yummy.
australian highrise it costs too much to be healthy. 061024
hsg i hear chemotherapy's on sale these days. are_you_ready_to begin_your_treatment? on time?

"i'm ready! i'm ready!"
- spongebob_squarepants
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