sage fructose...
a try eating it and nothing else for one week 981119
amy ha I did that once! it didn't change much. but I only did it for exactly one week. 981120
blush umm.... the aim is flavored semen 981120
a duh! i've never tasted it but i'd like to. umm? i think? 981120
Gigo Loma something that tastes good on cheesecake. 991108
crazyoats the longer it hangs on the tree, the
riper it gets. It must be picked
before it falls to the ground where it
rots, decays, sews seeds, all ways lead
to rome except for the ones that don't
and all the phony road signs beside and
nothing really reognizable in site but
a tour is part of a young man's initiation into something or other isn't
really for me to say but if you espy any
orchards along the way pluck what you may and stop beating a dead horse, winded and lost.
kenya Lost is the unpeeled sun, the orange of my desires. 010105
ithaca willow All the world has gone to pears and canteloupes.
ithaca willow pear s and canteloupe s, that is 010310
m&m orange. i hate orange smelling stuff. it never smells like the real stuff! 031027
management Through knowledge comes the ability to anticipate.

The tree, a metaphor for knowledge, with many strong roots and paths of choice leading to the source of it's own life.

Fruit, a metaphor for anticipation, the ripeness in the flavour and the sweet taste of liquid on your lips.

Nourishing the body's life, keeping it moving.

It is anticipation also which proves the existence of knowledge. Fruit holding the begining of a tree's life and the end result of a season gathering energy.

Something man has plucked in zeal, taken from the tree before it ripens and is allowed to grow in many hundreds of forms to devour.
Connecting..the.dots.. And sometime man cuts the tree down altogether.

I like reading you, I hope you'll keep writing.
what's it to you?
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