dallas can be nice when you're thirsty or when you'd like to remove some dirt or when you'd like to just sort of fill a strangely shaped container, but I guess powder can do that, too 980901
miniver I have given up peeling apple stickers
that I know will plague me and my socks
through 529 consecutive eternities.
I just eat them, too, now.

Only my stomache still affords
a petty lurch,
lone liqui-philosophical rebuttal.

(A puddle, me!
A puddle for my thoughts...)
gonut sky heroin:
happy internet!!
burden Transience. 010506
((opiate_womb)) liquid thoughts
liquid dreams......
everything slips so far away....
Casey Just like love, I can't seem to hold on to it 010627
me asahara shoko and the millions now living will die... 011124
Crudelis. To feel as though my complete existence is composed of something that is able to be consumed by the common Joe is an incredible thing. Merely because I can take the shape of anything that I can fit in. But what is the extent of space I need to be able to fit in. I'm as tiny as a penny. Do I want to fit in? No. But the fact that I can, and don't, makes me ice. :) 020705
Crudelis. I am sorry. That made no sense. 021004
dazle el_squid 021004
~gez~ liquid_swords
can cut through solids like a hot knife through butter
delial television 030218
Syrope as i stared at the muscle groups chart on the back of the door in the student health center, i wondered why the muscle i like to be bitten so much is called the trapezius and why i was missing physics and they still couldn't figure out what was wrong with me...
i still want to rip out my throat, to swallow jagged broken glass, to swallow just once with no pain
...and all they could offer me is a tiny bottle of foul pink liquid
oldephebe liquid - the solubility of being
the elusive and inchoate -

{(why does everything i say sound like some stentorian anachronism declaiming from the dais? see there it is again (sigh)} harmph! oh bother -
god the things i hate about being finite and flawed and susceptible to its it's endless eddies but then sometimes this permeable unfettered aspect of consciousness is pretty cool i mean like when we build our own boquets out of blather
we sculpt kingdoms out of air
we fathom things sometimes on the edge of wakefulness that ....

you know, i wish i had a store house of
quaint and rustic encapsulations so that
in one incomprehensibly rustic or bucolic swath i could encapsulate the abstract or metaphysical, you know and yet be brilliantly concise - wordgrope
and maybe then that would be the end of all these (my) diarhetic streams

relentless inner critic: hey stentorian sam i think every one is well past the point of caring about what you were trying to say. Shut it down
oldephebe:there's too much wood is my being, too much wood in my water
relinquish the rigidity
again cue the gurgling brook effect
cue the plaintive chorus of AAHHs
let me get back to you on this

relentless inner critic: Done?
oldephebe: yeah, done
nomme earth 030709
miriku gelled drops everything
united in disunity
quinn like your body
honey in my fingers
oozing through my mind
sticking to my dreams
and after all this time
i can taste you even now
phallusdei its pretty great. we all came from the ocean. maybe thats why we need salt. maybe thats why you trip hard near water. this is all vaguely linked to liquid. 040321
Borealis liquid love
liquid tension
building..peaking..the result of
liquid passion
swimming through my veins..and yours? and the
liquid movement
of skin against skin..hand against hand..mouth against body..
liquid kisses
enough said
Bespeckled What a pure and empty and wonderfully light and substanceless way to be. Must feel good. 040821
oldephebe pure and empty

i like that

time to start fasting again
what's it to you?
who go