kr8 all orbit
my faults
your thoughts
your body
our family
this city
smallness is comforting
jennifer I lay in bed
the warm darkness surrounds me
yet, as fatigued as I always am
something still stirs beneath the fissures of my brain
a lethal thought
that permits more evil to course through my mind
halting all hope of sleep
amy you need to recognize this thought as a response to the pain your brain feels when it is not feeling well.

i think. but you should also talk to someone who is more familiar with the various ways people feel in various situations.
stephen What a concept. Swirling. 001029
rollins the stark and unflinching reality that blows the brains out of Viet Name Vets keeps me rapped tight and looking at your hands distrusting your every word, monitoring your every movement. 010513
zenfishsticks intentions

are worth nothing

without that first step

act as you believe
or your beliefs will disappear
ClairE I wonder what it feels like to have a life inside of you. 020110
re_alisma my confucian, counting-on-me, loyalty_demanding parents practically forbid it, but if i can set up a job out on the west coast from here, i'll move. but that might take me finding some full time work here (for awhile) to prove that someone out there would want to hire me. so you know i'll do whatever i can manage to do, and assume that everything is going for the best. if i start feeling really, really stagnant then i will just move there with nothing, but where i live now is a good enough deal on enough levels that it's hard to justify a move now, and i have to seem more sane, not more crazy and risktaking (it doesn't really matter what my true character is or isn't) i don't dislike the weather and i live with a million years of nature nearby, so it certainly doesn't make me depressed. moving to some crappy apartment closer to the city to get that stepping stone job might end up depressing, but i bet i will be happy enough to get away from the parents and the cats and in my own place that i could go long enough in that hopeful situation without much of a problem. 110619
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