elimeny i comfort myself with your faults,
instead of wishing that there werent any.
dont you want that?
bloody trail faults only count in horseshoes and hand grenades. No wait, that's tennis. Faults only count in close!

Someone once found no fault with me. I said, if you do I'll change, and she said if it's part of you I don't want it to change, and she left.
newme numerous 040720
Revok beyond belief
one right after another
I thought they destroyed faulty machines?
Oh wait, I'm human.
Does it seem fair that one person should have more faults than another?
uow i wish i could measure my heart 040910
FloydianSlip Your only fault is your damn family, and my biggest fault is my inability to get along with rude, selfish, obnoxious, degrading, hypocritical, almost hateful people. Why do you have to have such an impossible family? Why do you have to be as close to them as the mob? Why? Why? Why? 040910
what's it to you?
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