The one thing that we are not willing to sacrifice for another.

It's hard to even tempt the fates with that one. Don't rock the boat. Don't take the next step for fear of losing what you already have.

Maybe we can learn something from Las Vegas.
amy you can never go home.
your mom is just another person, she needs you too.
potatoes get eaten.
other people are too warm.
but i do appreciate the shelter of buildings.
all jp and me found was understanding and comfort, neither of which was good enough.
nothingman is non-existent. it has no place in the world of today. only in the warm embrace of death can one find true comfort. 000221
Q not that I do, or, and this is certain, ever will, desire or expect that what I might have felt or might on very rare occasion very fleetingly feel would or ever should matter - and lest there be any misunderstanding, the ambiguity is not accidental - for there are so many other sources, heavenly, and human, of supremely important things all over and in our lives; but still long silences, screeching to these ears that cannot forget even one happy or sad incident and happenstance from even twice a life ago, of those whose paths one has crossed and for a good part of at least a cold day tread along, even if without real moment, do cause wonder about fate and honest, and just friendly and no more, none whatsoever, for believe me there would be no occasion, concern; so reapparences from no place, at least none known, do give more than slight comfort and sounder repose for a time. so continue to be well and, until next time, thank you, doc.

C 2000
keeper i yearn for the comfort you give me. like today. all of you in a single hug that i never wanted to end. 010424
burden It is nice to have a hand to hold in yours. 010506
yoink that's why 512 wasn't so nice. a dance or two, but then a follow, and a sit, and a give up. 010513
florescent light there was a comfort that I've never felt before
a comfort of being with a man that makes me feel the way my father does

a comfort in the tension, inferiority, frustration, and tears

I don't know if I can live without it
dB comfort is my bed. Man, it's a comfy bed. Sometimes I just lie there for hours. 010617
pyro is knowing that it WILL come full circle, and everything will be OKay. 010922
skinny jim Ashley, was comfort. Now, not so much. 020410
Syrope raindrops (or waterfalls, or any sort of falling water) are comforting because they increase the *negative* ion concentration in the air. ironic eh? 020410
megan raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
brown paper packages...
this thing I look for it a lot. I find paintings that it represents. I stare deeply into their colors and wonder at what it would be like to own that feeling, the sense of it, the current and meaningful bliss of being that peaceful. Or not even so, of just being that calm within yourslef. That is comfortable. Or theres the other comfort that just it dick. 030131
not important Dream of me, love
dream of the nights
the days
in arms open

Dream of the sighs
the half-forgotten
of joy

Dream of my smile
trusting you
to let
have you
and hold you near

Know my love
my frienship
could not
this pain

Dream of comfort
in silent days
till the one
you allow
my own
oldephebe if my tear ducts were still functional
i would have wept at this poems emotional acuity, it's beauty, i wish there were more of it, i just don't know what else to say
those lines you wrote breathed back into life the long ago lost words of
friends who had become lovers and then back to what - a constrained choreography of what used to come so naturally? my god i hate all these emotions, i hate being a so called sensitive man
i remembered the nights when she
in her moca rose and honey resplendance
we talked the sun across the sky
talked the moon into it's autumnal repose, and i remember the strawberry blond she was into to wicca and jungian extrapolations bordering on mysticism
but so eloquent and so prescient and so
fucking beautiful, her soul that is, and now i'm huddled in the dark hands around my knees, a womans soul is so many things, unfathomed, but when you see it unsheathed, vulnerable and open and true, and all its capacities, it's divinations, it's vexations, i've never come back from that journey the same, this poem really affected me
"not important" - i remember them all,
bathing in their soul water streams
they brought the best music out of me
made me better than what i am
for a time,
going from friend to lover then back again, it is an excoriating journey
for me, it's never quite the same
even if it's an amicable break-up
or return to a prior state
the words my heart has ached to hear
you wrote them, my god self just hold your heart in check, those relationsips that become these genderless, perfect symbiosis, how do you come back from that, or come back to that?
my heart, my heart, my fucking swollen
effeminate heart, too late to say no, nevermind, i have nothing to say.
poetry, can a soul live without it?
my intellect meager as it is, my faith inconstant ambivalent, these oscillating extremes - my faith
the mores passed down from elders
none of them bequeaths to me the perfect rapture i feel, no i, we become rapture
me and a girl, or a woman become this perfect thing, even in these jaded times
even under the yoke of parenting and corporate gray drudgery, even with all evocations of armegeddon, this depleted f**king post-modern world that derives it's bleak dead eyed, slack jawed stupefied amusement from others pain emblazoned across the screen, still in this hard assed world we carve out an isle of innocence, yes, we become innocent and pure and undefiled again -
and the world is filled with promise,
and that sisyphean purgatorial pennance or waking hell that i hoist upon my back every day evaporates or is displaced, out of phase for a while,
and the littlelest things become sun bursts of joy, the way coffee clings to her pouty and oh so erotic lower lip, her tenderness, the flowers smell better
she brings me petals from an old flower, a commemoration of some special day and i feel so honored that she has chosen to share it, herself, with me, and i just sail through the work day
a loveless soul in this world
cannot last long, surely
i want to turn off my heart
i want to be rigid and rational, if only
to enable me to mime the making of the wall, or the widget or whatever it is i'm doing to pay the mortgage,
i love what you wrote
and i am aching from its' beauty
i try to be so rigorous with my
business mind,
and then something so pure
so authentic comes and cleaves my heart
i love blather
i love the things
you people write
even if it breaks my heart to read these things
bluten incapable. like teaching quantum mechanics in kindergarten. incomprehensible. i think i am defective. 031025
nisus The hours of this day are few
Slipping by slowing as I lie
What are you doing now?
Are you happy?
Has sleep carried you into another world
Where we are together still?
Does it ever?
Do you feel my arms
As I feel yours?
And the warmth of my skin
And breath?
Up. And down.
Peaceful undulations
I dream often that my head
Is resting on your chest
Comforting sleep
That I will again pursue
Perspective_of_Soul Stroking her hair. Watching her slide closer and hold my hand.
"I love you" she said.
"I love you more and you know it" i replied. There was no response.
reue have you ever woke up wishing it'd be cloudy outside?
hoping that when you opened that bedroom door, everything would be dark and grey?
mina every day 041117
sheep ah.. comfort. comfort was derek, me in his arms as we watched movies on his couch... lying close, i could feel his breath, i loved him. but that could not last. i yearn for his comforting touch again... but he has always loved her. sarah. my sister. how dramatic, i know, but its true. maybe its cause she's closer to his age, what with me, 2 years younger and her only 1/2 year younger... plus, he's loved her ever since he met her, too bad he can only be her best friend, nothing more. yet he still goes back to her, every time.. i love him.. i dont know why.. i just miss him. maybe not him, but i do miss the comfort of his arms... 041129
camille to pacify 041129
no reason today i took comfort in the familiar

and then wa then surprised that the familiar served comfort to me
thats right: then wa then! 050121
misstree feeling the flush of his presence returned to my skin. secretly pleased smiles. 060710
little wonder blather remaining a constant, even after being absent for so long.

so many of the same faces. names. whatever you would like to call them. people that i know only a small piece of yet feel connected to.

it's strange, this. i've visited briefly here and there but today was the first day i actually had something to say.
no reason it feels good to write 080625
no reason it feels good to talk 080625
no reason it feels good to distract 080625
unhinged i have learned to make it for myself
it seems more satisfying that way

and then there are the times
where i need someone else
to tell me it's going to be okay
the_sea_of_suffering has it's own comfort
knowing we're all floating in it
f no matter how much i don't want to believe it, we all need each other, it's not really that strong to want to do everything on your own, it's not how the universe works.

i personally rate comfort and contentment very highly; an important part to staying healthy.
unhinged if you don't do it, no one else will
if you don't ask for it, no one else will know you need it
no reason losing myself in other people's happiness 080626
auburn Though we dwell almost exclusively now in the_spaces_between.

I find comfort knowing you're there to hear what's written in my words. Here, where I put them for the few who mean anything to me.


So, thank you.
auburn -them.

auburn Nevermind. I'm really having trouble reading tonight.

It reads like it should.
In_Bloom Sleeping contentedly through the night
A gun on the nightstand doesn't make the difference
It's the sound of your breathing
That's the difference
And how your foot finds mine and crosses over, rubbing a little
In_Bloom There is also comfort in not having to ask much of someone or offer anything other than you standing before each other in embrace
Simplicity is underrated
hsg hUgs urround "u" 081029
no reason i'm trying to step out of my zone more, to worry less about what may happen when i do, to be more forgiving of myself when i make mistakes

it's not something i'm naturally good at though
nr i suppose this is the only real source of comfort in my life right now. 140917
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