bijou i stumbled in
christ, my eyes were so heavy
and i just felt like i wanted people to touch me
thats how i get when i drink, i just want to feel someone's skin
broken glass in the corner and a puddle of blood nobody wanted to clean up
i stumbled in
and threw my arms around remi's girlfriend
and kissed her
kissed her for real
she's beautiful
i think he liked it

sometimes i just don't know what to do with myself. i never kissed a girl before.
silentbob You crossed me.

Don't expect anything from me now. if i ever talk to you and its ever pleasent, let it come as a pleasent surprise.
Gollum Bijou, I've got a video recorder and a fifth of your choice. call me 010813
Black Cat Wednesday meyow. 010813
what's it to you?
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