daxle nobody knows the troubles I've seen and jesus sure as hell doesn't care 990516
><> Jesus knows and He does care. but are you letting him? 991129
riot Nobody seems to like it when I cook Jesus Fish for dinner. I think it tastes good, especially with grape juice and wheat thins. 000113
meggie loves me 000304
suicide baby "what's your story baby
no control of what i am saying
winter leaves still makes me believe
no vendettas just a cherry blossom tree"
(Nicky Wire)
marjorie Nobody?
Hey! I'm somebody!
Or... wait.. wasn't I just saying I didn't exist.
You're right.
Nobody cares.
But... I try.
Barrett "...there's still nobody home." 000912
grendel (hidden behind the wall) "i've got a little black book
with my poems in..."
Barrett ...and a bag, with a toothbrush and a comb in. 000912
sleepless I've got lots of little books,
Black, red, blue, spiral
And they've got everything in.
Since they're getting a bit full
I come here instead.
grendel "when i'm a good dog
they sometimes throw me a bone in..."
miniver "I REMEMBER once I ran after you and tagged the fluttering shirt of you in the wind.
Once many days ago I drank a glassful of something and the picture of you shivered and slid on top of the stuff.
And again it was nobody else but you I heard in the singing voice of a careless humming woman.
One night when I sat with chums telling stories at a bonfire flickering red embers, in a language its own talking to a spread of white stars:
It was you that slunk laughing
in the clumsy staggering shadows.
Broken answers of remembrance let me know you are alive with a peering phantom face behind a doorway somewhere in the city’s push and fury
Or under a pack of moss and leaves waiting in silence under a twist of oaken arms ready as ever to run away again when I tag the fluttering shirt of you."
Perspective_Of_Soul Nobody can help.Why does everybody see me as their own little mission to self satisfaction.Leave me the hell alone. 021021
p2 it's pretty quiet today...
has silentbob really gone silent?
has daffy gone deaf and dumb?
has phil phailed to phind more phunny phrases?
has king super special become king super silent?
has squint closed her eyes?
has daxle broken an axle on the information highway?
has unhinged become rehinged?
has jane and girl_jane taken the identity battle offline?
has stork_daddy gone off to take care of his stork_babies?
has werewolf changed back to a human?
has gez and nat found lives outside of blather to live happily ever after?
has freak finally given in to society's norms?
has devalis gone to find out first hand if one can "suck in your pregnant stomach?"
has minnesota_chris moved to another state?
has nocturnal gone to bed at sunrise?
has teenage_jesus become crucified?
has or_should_i_change changed?
has distorted_tendencies retorted his tendencies?
p2 add to that:
has paste! become unglued?
i know he recently posted, but it still had to be said.
mew *her* tendencies 021021
p2 my apologies
*her* tendencies...
littel_elf quote:
"has nocturnal gone to bed at sunrise?"

of course she has... she's nocturnal. I think u meant sunset.
Dafremen I'll pretend I didn't hear that and keep my mouth shut. 030214
Eow me. 030220
craz4u i'm nobody are you a nobody two? no one know's i'm alive maybe i'm not maybe i'm not....... 030420
misstree and again i hold up my Pack Of Lies card, lots of willing hallucinations and strange events.

trying to start from the beginning would be a task of monumental size, but i'll do a basic outline. k, just got done posting a pic for the pictures_of_blatherskites_now page, in the misstree folder. Nobody is a halloween decoration that i got right before the halloween_day that i flew the coop and moved away from home six years ago. he got pinned up in my first kindofplace, followed me around as i couch surfed, and finally ended up in the corner on the third floor of a house called Amityville.

to explain Amityville would take three times as long as Nobody. three floors, five bedrooms on our half, three on the other side (Animal_House), a few staples and occasional turnover of roommates, surprisingly low drama and high chaos, parties that are truly legendary (still hearing about them from strangers five years later who claimed to be there, but only started school two years ago), two living rooms, top one was the Nest in the style of stranger_in_a_strange_land, though nudity wasn't *quite* as common. Nobody lived on that third floor, in the corner of the living room, which had a sloped cieling. Nobody was almost like an extra roommate, was referred to as such, and the running joke was "who's here? oh, Nobody's home!" regardless of whether there were other people or not. yes, ha ha, we were easily amused and proud of it. nobody was there for every party, every bout of exceeding strangeness (and there were many), every favorite memory, every Moment that happened in that living room, and it was the epicenter of a legendary dwelling.

when we left Amityville, pieces of my Family and i lived in the house of evil. it was a tiny place, bad joujou, didn't live there too long. but i had a dream there. forgive if this gets a little disjointed, dreams are like that.

i dreamt of A-ville a lot. it was always in strange forms, dream interpretations, and once i started having them i realized i had dreamed of it previously, but that matters not. in one dream, i was walking down the hallway on the second floor, which was mirrored on both sides with three bedrooms, a staircase up, a staircase down, and a bathroom. in the dream i could walk around behind the staircase and thus keep doing a circuit of the two halves of the house. at the far end of the hallway, sitting in front of the stairs as i walked towards it, was a pale, doll-like mannequin, and a slightly bigger and scarier looking Nobody, sitting slumped on the stairs. i went around behind and emerged on the other side, but i was looking at the exact same scene, with Nobody and the mannequin at the stairs. i went around again with the same result. i approached the stairs again, and when i was about eight feet away Nobody rose up and floated, his eye level slightly above mine, his eye sockets glowing deep red. i turned and ran, yelling for someone to help. i rounded the stairs behind me and got to the other side, and as i was yelling, a middle aged overweight latin guy in striped boxers and a wifebeater stepped out of his room, a random neighbor investigating. i ran past him and he put his arm out, blocking Nobody, and i turned around and faced it. it said "i am the demon of despair, and i will eat your soul." (yes. i know how cheezy that sounds. but this was a pretty strong dream, and i don't question shit like that.) i yelled at it, "fuck you! this is my dream, you can't do shit to me!" Nobody said something back, i don't remember what, its eyes glowing a little brighter, and i said "screw you! i'm just going to wake up!" and for a second i couldn't, and then i felt something give and i was wide awake, staring at my cieling. i went and slept on the couch the rest of the night, as Nobody was staying in my bedroom, watching me as i slept, as was tradition.

the next night, before going to sleep, i did some form of ritual, i apologize if i don't know the details, but i do remember asserting to Nobody that trying to eat my soul was unacceptable, and considering who i was to him we'd best work together as we had up until the dream. though i was edgy for a while, it has worked out well.

call it what you want. call it sentimental hallucination, call it endowing something because of energy and shared belief, call it spiritual residence, but in my piece of reality i Know that Nobody is an entity of some sort. i said in ask_use24 that he was a spiritual watchdog; this is one of the first things that comes to mind about him. he has always been set to guard me in sleep, and of all my posessions with minor entitylike aspects or just Something There, Nobody is the one to watch for foreign influences and stop them. walking alone can be like a ritual for me, a wonderful Play experience (if you wade through adultery long enough to figure that one out ;), and will sometimes call Nobody to me as bodyguard, as such adventures leave me open to being spooked. he went down to new_orleans with me, in the passenger's seat of my station wagon full of all my worldly posessions. he followed me about, mostly staying in the car to protect my stuff, occasionally venturing into the homes i was stray catting in. i left the town with what i could carry onto an amtrak, and Nobody stayed in a house where very strange and not neccesarily good things happened (chaotic drama bombs), and a voudoun priest who at least wasn't entirely full of shit was going to do a cleansing. i pulled Nobody's spirit with me when i left, kept it fresh in mind while i was here, and retrieved him when i played tour guide to two friends who went for vacation. he's followed me to ever house since, always being variously decorated, always watching. kinda creepy, sometimes, but there you have it.

yeah. i know i sound like a fruitcake. i am a fruitcake. deal.
Lemon_Soda *grin*

I remember living in places like those...
marked . 031023
urs nobody has to be somebody because if there was no-body then no one could ever be somebody. 040205
lou_la_belle you are NOT a nobody... 040514
bettyisntme nobody listens...nobody cares...nobody stops to see if im still alive...where's everybody? 040521
pete jehsu and issa walking down the hill, two becoming one, one becoming none... 040522
alone at last walking through life in a zombie state. no reaction to life and the things that it deals out. it starts to wear you down putting on the act of not caring. sooner or later you will break and emotions will show, and you'll be known for something even if it's for being a broken soul 040718
yea talks to me anymore

I am officially

the professional recluse..
Maria Cares about me.

Loves me.

Wants me.

Knows me.
Solution #1: Care about yourself.
Love yourself.
Know yourself.
backflip and don't look for something fluffy when you want to find out who you are; always remember the magic tricks that are only tricks for being overly obvious. 071020
no reason nobody i like likes me
nobody i like is local
nobody nobody nobody
is a lonely word
what's it to you?
who go