whitechocolatewalrus considering to consider but forgot to relate the considering to deciding and was left with only a consideration for me to consider on this considerate afternoon. 040102
Death of a Rose consider it randomly consired. As only consideration is the only past tense of a present considering. 040103
walrus consider is a considerate word. i am presently considering to consider your consideration for my consideration, but at the last moment, i forgot to decide and left you considering your options. 040103
. plan_b plan_c plan_d plan_e 080924
amy I have about that many plans. Depending on x, then I'll do y, that sort of thing. i never truly had a plan A, which kind of indicates a lack of commitment and passion on my part. it's probably very opportunistic of me, as well, to be that uncommitted. (or something.)

one of my plans is: if I am able to work a good paying full time job, and I don't have kids, I will be able to buy a house without a loan by the time I retire. that's actually not-so-bad, if you ask me. also, i have to make plans for writing books, so I can at least say that I tried. part of me kind of doubts I'll be able to integrate on that level, as time goes by. I also kind of doubt that I'll be able to work a full time job, but I do have to try.

depending how ethical I consider it to be in the future and how affordable, I'll also travel, like to Tibet or Polynesia or something.
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