reitoei a forsaken word, honored not in this great jungle.
But such a word it is chaos and choas rules the universe.
Strychnine To behave randomly is to behave naturally 020410
silentbob what do you mean honored not in this jungle?
people say stuff at random all the time.
bust this: monkeys!!!!!
eybwolcrrnh dymoarln 020410
phil presently 030511
Fire&Roses It was a gray day. And when you carried me up the stairs. I knowcked your glasses in the river. My car will smile for you. Think of Something_Positive. And that time I punched you so hard you got the yellow bruise. We ate chinese on my bed and watched Dogma for the third time. We got locked in the stairwell. We lay in that feild together for hours and no one ever knew. I peed in a bag. And I stuck my head in the hole and a big wave came...

I remember randomly
Whitechocolatewalrus Hot pink cows might be thought of as hilarious
But I am a hot pink cow and I love hot pink cows
My best friend is a hot pink cow, too
We can't think of how it happened, though
Considering my mom is a bright purple cow
And my dad is a screamig green cow
All I know is if I were blue,
I would only love you.

Random is fun.
RedArmageddon if this is life then i want none, thank-you.

just give me a warm bed and a warm pillow and please tell her not to sing to me any more. i did not think that she would sing to me, anyway. what happens when a man becomes insane and he starts seeing hippopotamuses instead of raindrops? will you please tell her to stop it; she is making me remember our dreams and my dogs.

kisses are a better fate then wisdom,
lady i swear by all flowers.

please let me drift off now.
RedArmageddon if then wisdom not than wisdom then why do we care? 031107
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