mad madame mim hi. hi. i was running after you for a long time.
i i was watching you from. . .
actually I've watched you for a long time.
i like to watch you when you're walking
back and forth on the beach.
and the way your the way your cloth looks.
i like i like to see the edges
-the bottom of it-
get all wet when you're walking near the water there.
it's real nice to talk to you.
i didn't. i-i-i-i-i . . . how are you? how are you?
(oh albino)
i saw i saw you from your balcony window
and you were standing there waving at everybody
it was really great because there was about
a billion people there, but when i was waving to you,
uh, the way your face was, it was so, the way your face was
it made me feel exactly like we're
it's not that you were just waving to me, but
that we were we were waving to each other.
really it was really wonderful
i really felt happy
it really made me happy
and. um. i. i just wanted to thank you
you really really you made me
you made me feel good
oh i, it's nothing.
i um. i. well i'm just clumsy.
no, it's just a bandaid.
no, it's ok.
oh no, i'm always doing
something's always happening to me
yeah. well. i'll be seein' ya.
goodbye. bye.

wave thou art pretty.
wave thou art high
wave thou are music
wave thou are white
(oh albino)
(oh albino)
wave thou art high
(wave thou art pretty)
wave to the city
goodbye sir.
goodbye papa.

~~patti smith group
Brad An antonio carlos jobim tune. 000525
silentbob that patti smith thing

that fuckin creeped me out
birdmad "say hello
wave goodbye"

green_tenedril (don't get swallowed up
in the wave)
let it take you for a while
forget what's inside yourself
and then end up on the shoreline
emptier than when you began.
sunrise it ends! goddamn, it doesn't really go on forever! what makes it break, something of such strength ought not be conquered by mere land. 020809
cpgurrl i saw him wave and wave and wave, but u did not. 040717
z kinetic re-distribution through a fluid medium 050505
() (i am a standing wave) 050823
zeke free,
undulant in a sea of stems,
and the chaff does fly

a differential equation in endless motion
and scatter it falls

as seas of rasping dryness
the tickle torture to the moving air
infinite layers of tiny collisions
it hisses and sighs

and my eye refracts it's multitudes
making whispered roars small
and absorbs the bent and twisted wavings
it knows what the wind has told me
what's it to you?
who go