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thieums Differential equations
Demonstrative subtractions
Detrimental additions
Adding some new dimensions

Differential equations
Doppelganger commotion
Dormant spinach evolution
Please redefine your question
unhinged calculus still invades my brain sometimes...mostly cause the symbols remind me of the violin 200113
srealisma even though i got an A in Borelli's class like it was too easy, i didn't recognize this as calculus.

but the bad guy was that Coleman, who was the Bill Cosby of the situation.

i had gone to the Naval Academy for a little summer camp to see if you were officer material before my senior year in high school and was interested in 3d simulations of graphing things, and some boy laughed at me for being a crazy, and wanting to make 3-d out of something so boring, textbook material. but, i had never had that thought outside of the Naval Academy....

so yeah the bad guy in that case was something relating to whatever was happening around there... in 1992.

my guess is it is only very complicated and football guys guys lost their respectability and their vitruvian man vibe to the gays and now they play a game of mirrors which is only a game of keep-away, my heirs need something

i've been made cynical by
"i got the poison i got the remedy"

if you find out you want to "murder and create" a la ezra pound or somebody you've got. to. find. out. why.

it predates computers, mathematica and all that, but maybe not calculators.i know i'm talking too much by now, but find yourself a calculator that makes your damn brain into a solid thinking pattern that's not lazy at all.

Hollywood: you know how Abraham Lincoln liked Euclid? Damn! that was hot!
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