dallas hah!

this is more fun than you've had before. am I right?

You might not admit it now, but when you think back in 30 years, this will be one of the moments that you compare other moments to.

Admit it to yourself so we can move on.
Heidi75 hate the game, not the playa 990627
setsuna meiou I'm afraid this is a game
and I remember the last time I was so foolish as to believe I was loved
and I remember the pain associated with that game that she so cruelly played with me
like a cat
playing with a mouse
then snatching it coldly to devour

so, that may explain my misunderstanding of intentions

but I hope
typhoid bourgeoisie bingo 000217
MollyGoLightly I never liked Monopoly. Except when I was cheating.

I always warn people I am about to play board games with:

1. I will cheat
2. i will get bored with this and quit before the game is over.
Q Isn't sex really just a board game? Or is that baseball? 000701
typhoid if you're board you're not doing something right 000702
Zoe People always just play games with each other. I really don't understand it. Actually the whole intire world just plays games with itself. Ahhh! 000717
whirligirl well, goll, if everybody just knew the rules we would just play it, just like so. 000720
Brad the most frightening one i've encountered of late.... For others' notes see bradthegame. 000721
valis sometimes you play just to stay in the game 001005
startfires it's all a game. i'm in control the whole time. sometimes i win and i'm the one leaving you cold. sometimes i lose and i end up ramming my head into brick walls. i can't help it. 001005
Seth Is life a game? I don't think so. If it is, then we're all losers. That thought is just too hard to bear. 010101
cb these foolish games.....

jewel's pretty hot. nice breasts. she's from alaska, you know? i remember the first time i thought she was really attractive was when she sand the national anthem at the super bowl. i wanted to give her a hug so i could feel her breasts squeeze up against me. but thats just me. her teeth used to be pretty messed up... i haven't seen a really recent picture though.
stnmonkey Don't everybody play the game?
How come you won't tell me the rules.
I try to understand, I'll never listen, I'm a fool..
Don't everybody run away, how come you won't tell me where....
I guess I treated them too wrong...
Now the sun won't shine on me, now the rain won't even fall....
megan we all play somehow. we all have our own little parts, we all have our own little systems and favorite plays. Our coaches are our teachers, our teammates are our mentors, our solemn win is love (what else of course). there's fun, and seriousness, and goofiness, and hot tea, and books, and kisses, and lollipops, and bruised knees along the way. And it's so beautiful.. oh so beautiful. 021130
mona loves you I feel like this is a game, where all the playing pieces are my emotions and I can still never win. The thing is, I don’t think you know how to truly play the game; I am just letting you win, so maybe just once I can win you. 030115
other gurl named jane enders the only game i want to play :( 030116
Spiffi I float in a silent sorrounding,
Like in breatheble water i swim.
I know the dreamy locations
For I have traveled here before.
In watery air i fly, no limits.
10But time 98
I focus 65I get set 32

Adrenaline accelerates and multiplicates
Colorful splashes flash and dash before me
Turning faster to feverish beats of hearts and steps
Clamb click cring loding locking quicker quicker
Seizing ever more ever faster
Translating every frame to impulses, reactions, attacks
Spuring comands spurt waterlike though a broken dam
Ever more Ever faster Fover lost
starjewel You toss an arm around me
Say "Now this is game."
So am I winning?
What's the score?

How much do I want you
will you ever want me more?
You're such a good player
And I've only just begun

Guess I'll keep playing
As long as I'm having fun
Got a hug, no two today
How may points is that?

Then I talked to you too
and I wore my cool hat
So how am I doing?
Have I won yet?

Na I think I'm losing
Yeah I lost the bet
I actaully thought I could beat you
but I've seen the final score

So you can take your arm off me now
I don't wanna play anymore
shanjaq what everyone should be playing at breaktime in the office.

how about while in traffic?
scorpion heart games. life is like monopoly- making deals w/ people, gaining money losing money guessing which move is the best to take. paying doctors, winning lotteries, and of course, cheating.... 031116
killallfags life is a game we have halth bars and indicators at the right bottom of our viewing sockets has anyone seen that terrorist that im trying to find on the embassy level 040211
you_suck its all a game to you. 040406
ethereal Contrary to popular opinion, I AM NOT A GAME!!! 040406
lou_la_belle with you playing now, I'll never win. Perhaps i had a chance before, but now i don't even register. it seems i was just a step behind, just one moment too late. and *wham* suddenly i feel like i've been eliminated from some twisted reality show. banished. forgotten. i'm probably reading too much into this. but i really can't help what i think. and even if my exile is temporary, it's still cold and terrible watching the game go on without me. 040605
?x the_saudi_puzzle 040605
tr "Game over" he said and he smiled and his smile kinda made no sense to me 050205
silentbob i_just_lost_the_game 060829
twisted_existence it was a sad day in beautiful caliornia, with the sun shining and the smell of the sea just a breath away, that i finally realized that you and i were nothing but a game 070531
thistooshallpass I used to think that God was playing a game with us. But any game with God must be nothing more than an extremely complex type of solitaire. 100115

On that note, God knows everything, so he knows about the game. So isn't he allways loosing the game? Maybe we are the game. And whenever God thinks of us he looses.
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