deb I'm tired of these games we play;
This hypocrytic mess;
The juvenile delinquency.
I thought perhaps we'd work it out,
Make it ok- forget the past.
We dodge the truth, hide behind lies
And simply ignore when it suits us.
I'm tired of waiting- tired of wishing-
Tired of guessing what's in your mind.
Why should I need to guess?
Why can't you just tell me how you feel?
What you think?
Why you are the way you are?
Honesty is lacking here.
If this is how it's got to be,
Just playing with my mind,
Just toying with my fragile heart,
If this is how it's got to be
With us playing these games,
Well, I can't do it anymore.
I'm sorry, but,
I quit.
marjorie candyland, anyone? 991221
miniver People don't realize that the games are just the smaller issue, though.

Actually, I suppose most people do. But, I guess it's like smoking. Or gun control. Or violence on t.v., or candy, or drugs. It's an established habit-breaking method. Take away the games, and you can't play the games.

The thing is, though - the game-mentality continues. Other, 'bigger' things will still feel the same. Sure, society, or family, or friends, or your own little externally-influenced brain attributes (or seems to attribute) these greater, more "meaningful", more "important" values to things. And, I'm not saying that some things can't be more important...I'm just saying that it's that personal attribution that makes one thing more important than another. And it's not like, by your very nature, you just know what to do and you'll do it.

I guess I just believe it's more about everything coming together than it is about one thing being wrong. Not that you can't do anything to make things "come together". I'm just such a preacher of, you know, getting at the "bigger picture". I don't think habit-breaking tricks are really going to solve anything. It's an attitude thing. It's a happiness thing.

Yeah. I'm totally digging myself into a hole on this issue.
valis yeah, you are. nice view from the bottom, though.

i like scattergories, myself. and scrabble.
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User24 oh. That's not very nice. ♥ ♠ 020307
User24 ::heads off to the test rooms:: 020307
deathsmomandshescalling &;
&;oh&;. &;That's&; &;hearts&; &;spades&;
Mahayana Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:

Spades - King David
Hearts - Charlemagne
Clubs -Alexander the Great
Diamonds - Julius Caesar
♥♣♠$diams; that's better. 020405
♥♣♠♦ that's better. 020405
Ikarikun Yesterday, life was suck an easy game to play 020406
george the tittyfuckass play games with my titties. 020829
somebody no game is purely for fun, if it were, there would be no rules. 030625
scifininja L- lost lose lair lane late loser later lattitude, letter game. me and my lunchbuddy loved the letter game. we got into so many arguments over it we never made any new lunchbuddies that year. 030720
free cobe 'ey I thought dis page was gon' be blowin' up about sports - Damn! 030720
devilbunny Mental games are only fun when both players are equally interested and when winning becomes less important than simply playing. 061110
hsg please keep relationships out of the olympics. thanks. 080819
FUCK YOU please keep money out of the slums, thanks. 080820
paste! love hate love hate love hate love hate
die live die live die live die live
stop go stop go stop go stop go stog


stog must be the winning move.
so, now, the answer is always yak OR the winning move is always stog. good to know.
silentbob I just lost the games! 090611
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