groovinkim "If they give you ruled paper, write the other way!" - author unknown 990618
adam pat benatar rules 990801
bane can i say fuck? i can say fuck, right? i mean no one will get pissed off or shit themselves if i say fuck.......right?.......well, fuck. 000122
amy hmm. i left my computer connected all day. i've been so busy getting into trouble lately. they are going to come after me for this. hmm. how do i end this?
adam rules are made to be broken 010426
the repeater yn gula if i am a bird,
a hungry pelican of the restless sea, you are the surface of the forgiving ocean that brings me life,
that gives me little silver fish,
that provides buoyancy to ease my weary bones and windblown feathers.

i fly about in the grey, stormy expanse and dive into your generous willingness.

i stand in your mirrored tidepools, gazing out at your endless horizon, knowing your love is as limitless.

my webbed feet are wet with salt water kisses.

and when night spreads her blanket of darkness across your poetic body's liquid beauty, we play under the happy smile of the moon's brilliance.

me, up and down on you waves of pleasure. 010427
the repeater f 010427
CinnamonGirl maybe this will give me hopes for a better day tomorrow..
1. eating like I should
2. getting out of the house as much as I can
3. not smoking
4. getting over Charlie and SO over Ben
5. being more secure of myself

can't think of anything else
Devious1 where are the blather rules? 011028
gbkiss I'd like to invent lots of rules for myself... would I break them? Don't know. Can't really think about it, I can only think of the silver pelican I just read about. 020821
lurk murder sex.
so they tell you its forbidden and
dirty and
and then
when you turn into a total pervert
they wonder why?
you can't even watch a commercial for
without being bombarded with this message:
sinful tastes better
we all know it does
but this cake tastes sinful
when it only has 12 calories
sex is a crime against humanity
the natural urge is evil
so isn't it just natural?
keep pushing me
you bastards
tell me to beware of things
i'd have never even thought of on my own.
where do you get this crap in the first place?
whome The author to the first quote on this page is NOT unknown.

I just can't remember his name. I guess when I find it again I'll write it here.
Casey Don’t let someone downplay something you like. If you have fantasies, then have them, and don’t believe people when they say they are just a way to cope with stress.

Don’t neglect regular life. Dreaming is great, but when you neglect real life you become alienating and mean.

You don’t have to go out of your way to be nice, but do not go out of your way to be mean. Being nice can make life easier though, so you might as well.

Being real is a concept that has lost much meaning. You can believe different things than you say, it is not always a bad thing.

If someone likes something, don’t beat on them for it. When someone reveals something delicate to you, do not crush it, but admire and support it. If they say they are going to try and eat healthier, don’t tell them it is stupid, wish them luck, or say nothing.

Not everyone is like you, but some are people who you should recognize and cherish. Someone who can listen, instead of waiting to talk, or just someone who seems like they care about you, weather they do or not, is rare. Don’t throw it away.

Be careful to avoid glitter. Movie stars and musicians might seem attractive as a role model, but they can give you their conclusions without giving you the actions that led to there, and often the conclusions are selfish and misguiding.

There is a fine line between being herd minded, and being an independent thinker. When someone’s likes something herd minded, don’t be so quick to judge them, they might actually like it.

You don’t have to advertise your ideas. You might be proud of them and want to show them off, but people don’t like to accept things or support you. If you like a band people think is stupid, keep it to yourself.

People will go out of their way to ruin something for you. They don’t always realize they are doing this, and you have to take measures to avoid it. Don’t get mad at them for it right away, but try and guide them.

Some people are happiest, when they are depressed.

It is ok to judge someone, but be ready to change that judgment, don’t hold on to it, because people change, and you can learn new things that change your opinion of them.
Chin Wehn you break the rules, you are just following a new set of them. 040309
stork daddy yes, can rules ever be imposed, ever really be at odds. in a way, the rules we set become reality. a striving in our head is as real as a limitation in the real world we concede our behavior is under. 040310
stork daddy both might someday change. it's permanence that matters then? it's what the rules seek to control? i like to believe a better answer is our reason for having the rules that makes them matter. i mean of course the rules we actually make. if we are given the rules as a given, why is almost a pointless question. 040310
jlymry327 new rules:
dont eat
dont talk to fuck face
be more beautiful
Everything on Earth is absurd "Rules are made to be broken," I jested as I passed him a free refill.

He sneered and said, "Not really" in a somewhat unfriendly tone.

Then he gladly accepted the refill without a hint of protest. And then he wanted to stay ten minutes past close.
no reason lines 061207
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