ever dumbening travel the earth, hearth left
to fill ours

they are the gravy - thick -
covering the dry meat of days
the fake boxed mash

untwist and retwist test trial
sample loop reloop
see hear taste the world
cut and paste and paint
for us

sonic washes
wash us

giant split gourds thumping
strings and skins
sticks and chattering electronics
each a voice for every face to grace
your whimsical guitar
freakizh i always fall in love with them.
not only the famous artists.. but the indie, like my friends.

since i was in elementary i had dreams about having my own band, being the vocal & lead guitar my boyfriend, while i was in second guitar. my best friend was in the keyboards and his boyfriend in the bass or drums.

it's a child's dream.

still, everytime i see them play something.. specially the guitar.. there's this orgasmic rush of energy that i can feel. they express through every note. and i can grasp it in my soul.
theonegodforgot lonely people make the best musicians. when you have no one to talk to, sometimes you just gotta write. 030219
unhinged yes

you can't be selfish and be a musician

devalis unless you're concert master. then you're required to be selfish because it is, indeed, all about you. 030221
phil vorpal 030221
lfsdja matt skiba from alkaline trio 030804
innerflect Aristotle says that women are hoter then men,
but musicians are hottest of all.
In_Bloom Can take the scrappiest of our words or failed attempts and turn them out into something of beauty and wonderment so that not a thing feels wasted
Kind of a redemption
. . 090612
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