matt simple or easy. 990625
miniver Quanta probabilities are pure sex. They're the sex, man!

Haha. I said "subpopular", and the particles all point to me getting away with it.
camille i am given the opportunity to surround myself with children ages 8 and 9 in a classroom setting.

Today i told a story, and as we took time for a movie a couple of girls huddled to my side and interlocked arms with me.

Jessica said, "I wish you were my mom, I have two!" and she sadly looked away as the concept seemed as if it could come true for an instant....then slowly disappeared into a mist. I smiled as the thought was beautiful. It echoed in my heart.

Nastia said, "yes i would like you to be my Mom too! Jessica then cocked her head at Nastia and said, But if she was your Mom, she would speak Russian.... because your mom speaks Russian...

the conversation trailed till i quickly picked it up by the arms and said, "That would be lovely! I would love to learn to speak Russian, Nastia could teach me....

Her thought trailed in a smile with a dream.

....to be elementary again
dean-bean I remember emmerson elementry school. New town, new school, new people: third grade. We had field day and collonial day. I played soccer, four-square, and a modified, mature version of house. It was fun. It was a lot simpler then too. 000314
Brad the #1 word of choice to say to your dear Watson. 000314
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