nameless a numder or a written reaction about your so called abilities in certain areas 991217
deb some of the most brilliant people i know
failed classes

if you're bored, why would you try?

i know i never did
and still, i got a's and b's.
it's so funny to look back and see all those people who studied their asses off
to get better grades than each other,
only to realize that
i had more potential then
than they ever will

or maybe that's sad... i dont know...
jennifer I failed phsychology twice (well, I almost failed it the third time... but who's couting) and I learned so much from that class

so I don't think school is so much about grades
it should be about what you remember
the things that stick out
and cause you to be passionate

ps... yes, I did also fail creative writing, as previouly mentioned
yolanda i wish people didn't make stuff up in their homeworks. because i can't tell if they are or not, so i have to somehow see where they're coming from, and lots of times it's all nonsense bullshit disguised to look like a thoughtful attempt to solve the problems. but since i spend the time to figure that out, i give them partial credit anyway. 000601
TA hmmm. my students just blatantly announced that they have started to make up numbers for the homework that's due today. geez they're delirious. 000606
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Norm When I was on the beach last summer I made up a gradeing system with which I grade the girls on the beach.

quarter dec
double dec

dec is like and abbreviation decent but I don't know how I should spell it.
Norm quarter dec = okay
dec = bangable
double dec = deadly
Kate I think God is always watching us, but he's not grading us. He has his plan and he knows what is going to happen, but I don't think he's watching us with a checklist. And if he is, I think he'd be marking down the things we did right, or that glorified Him. When I think of grades I think of checklists of dos and don'ts and was she good enoughs. 020422
spades41 my grades will be bad. so will devons. what can we do? 021218
Jess I dunno!
Maybes you could study and spend less time blathering!
freezerkitty Questioning the questions. 050115
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