me only half were words spoken
but less given
so to say
in silence
the winds a blowin
without boat or sail,
and wishes to be
a jedi or sith
as read here, entering
goodbye to plagues, worries, and
mouths moving
before brains
spread around with
thoughtless mechanical;maniacal;manure
trying to make
nothingless to the broad point.
CowsAndMoosesRule The Death of a Partial Mind

As the leaking, the empting, sounds far into space;
Death engulfs the grueling slur of darknesses.
As a flower it gave beauty,
As a rock, patience
As a mind, death.
But now sleepiness orbits this hovering,
Spinning being.
Yet even as its soul dies in its chaos
The beating hearts of forgotten ghosts in my mind;
Swirling, diving, screaming into the darkness of OUR soul; they intertwine their thoughts with it. Our minds unite, spewing Black Death across the barren wastelands of the dying suffrage in which we embody.
Twirling the wheels of the world which is implanted in our brain,
In all brains,
Makes him yearn for the mandibles of death in which evil is engulfing, and one’s pain is his only companion.
Ahh, pain. He’s acquaintance with it was more than he knew
Lives ago, millennia upon eons upon the very fabric of time itself, when pain was not an abysmal depressant of everyday life,
or should he say death?
He laughs, driving me on like a hell hound of agony. For I, too, am accustomed to pain. Hunting, killing, feasting pain.
Satisfied with his torture, he eases up and releases me.
Without a sound, they vanish into the pools of life and misery.
Left alone
We begin our metamorphosis.
This shell, old and forgotten, must continue to force us to rot.
As the Day of Reckoning slowly approaches,
He knows of his time.
Knifes, and
Carving, slicing, chopping
In the skin of falsehood, writing lines of loathing of his skin in red ink.
Muscles relaxing
Breathe leaving
A time to leave this world behind,
The Death of a Partial Mind
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