the cross the best...but no one types? 001001
guitar_freak Once I learned how to sail
The little sailboats
With just enough room for two
Flying through the summer breeze
Getting water splashed into your face
Laughing together at how simple of a pleasure sailing really is
Then a strong gust,
That came from the east,
Made our boat fly end over end
We found our selves in the choppy sea
Laughing harder than before...
trazlo sitting on the shore wondering why

All these ships following those before them, sailing over the edge to prove something, what they know not.

Fa├žades, made of old newspaper and childhood dreams
Ugly attempts to reach back in time to innocence
god buckets of potato paste. large green scaly patches of disembodied skin float by in the thickly gathered darkness. a million tiny digitized voices croak in a low resolution whisper to the crevices filled with spiders all around. 020617
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