kt To float up the stairs to the cool room and bathe and be laid down. To see the beauty that is so rare, so distant. To lay together and give soft kisses on smooth white skin naked and close and wanting. 000405
mike i do it in the ocean and in swimming pools, but i prefer do do it amongst the waves. 000527
Brad Verbal description of the music of Maurice Ravel. Probably 'cause of all that whole-tone harmony 000527
emily rootbeer floats are yummy 000627
grayface we all float down here... 010829
pjork derry standpipe 011211
have a balloon scoops and dead_baby_jokes 011211
dont.ask.questions. sometimes it seems like i'm floating above my body. and floating above my life. like i'm not really there. and i want to scream. 031112
spiffy that was so weird! i clicked "go" at the bottom of a blathe, and just as i was doing that i thought to myself, "what was that word that i thought would make kind of a neat name? oh yeah, float" and look where it took me. 040812
anarchy between hours, minutes, seconds, i'm floating in a world where everything stands still, no-one else exists except in stop-motion, and i can lift the layer from over your face and see who you really are. 041125
no reason floaty
leaning to the left and not metaphorically
it's so hot but it's so cold and everything is gone where is anything?
there's a kind of moving away,
it's not hot.
are getting
we are getting colder. it's getting windy and hard to see. everywhere there's nowhere to look. we're allover blurry, there're objects all around that can't catch up to themselves.
it's too fast.
too slow.
too floaty.
what's it to you?
who go