Isabelle all grown up "You're looking very neat today Isabel, have a gold star dear."
"Thanks bitch."
"Isabel! Where did you get such language?"
"Learnt it on the fucking playground you son of a whore."
"!!! I think someone needs some time out!"
"Fuck you. Miss, can I go to the looooo pleeeeease?"

"I'll have a vodka neat please."
"Excuse me. Down here."
"Vodka neat. Thank you."
"You're only six years old Isabel. Please go back to family room."

"Oh no...She hasn't, please tell me she hasn't."
"Yes she has."
"Oh no."
"...Isabelle, *why* did you do that to poor Miss. Naylor?"
"...Seemed like a good idea at the time. It was neat!"

Neat is a multi purpose word. Too bad it's out of fashion.
ClairE Keen.


I used to fuck him.


I like neat.
like bobby pins

I am neat.
soma it's raining again today. it's been raining off and on for nine days. i wonder if this is a record in the making. that would be neat. 030308
Whitechocolatewalrus I thought Amanda's hair looked neat, but I don't like her, so I didn't tell her. I think maybe because she keeps talking about how she how her boyfriend cheated on her, three times, and he never calls her, and sometimes he yells at her when she is not home to answer the phone. But of course, she can't live without him because she doesn't remember the last time she didn't have a boyfriend. Anyway, this is me eavesdropping, because evesdropping is neat. 031110
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