Casey Every year during the summer I help look after the little kids at arts and crafts on that playground. I expected nothing in return from anyone. I just did it because it was something to do.
I would always sit on that one swing and swing up and down while a horde of kids played around me.

That playground is a manifestation of my life. The group who is miles above me in life sits in one corner while I sit at the other end on top of the train meditating. I was always within eye shot, but I was never with them the entire time, the same happens with real life with them everyday.

In a way I felt sad about not being welcome, but that was nothing new. On the other hand I enjoyed being able to just sit and think. And doing it on top of a wooden train was really fun.

I came to the conclusion that talking gets me in trouble, so I'm not going to do it as often. I don't need to escape like other people, I just need to accept fate and realize I'm alone. It really shouldn't bother me all that much, but it does. It doesn't matter I guess, I'm here and they are over there. It started that way, and it will end that way.

P.S. Goodbye to you too
Grievance The man walked to the blinds, carefully pulled them back and slid open the glass door, and proclaimed, "Hello day, welcome to my playground." 020307
Jacer i wouldn't say that being outside the crowd is bad at all. my isolation is what let me think by myself and develop my own ideas and beliefs, it made me an individual, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, i owe my intelligence to my isolation. many hours spent reading books over playing football....i just wish i had someone to converse with as a child, and today 020307
mad bomber bird me and the other malicious little science geeks hung out in a quiet corner one year and used what we learned and what we knew about chemistry and physics and built series of ultra stinky and ultra messy cherry/toilet/stinkbombs to detonate at the end of the year

shitty thing, only one went off, the others were not properly waterproofed
just_fine You're my playground love. 040621
cherise you're the piece of gold that flashes on my soul 040629
eb can you find me
in the shimmering sands
the lost toy
before i wash out to sea
puredream but think of all the magic you could find in the sea
lets learn to breathe the water
lets swim
breathe free...
Borealis yes.... 040630
Ivory This word gives me a chill that I do not understand. Something about it makes me feel cold and ghostly.

I envision an empty playground with broken swings and a rusty merry-go-round that is slightly off-kilter.

I see the dust stirring lightly around the feet of ghostly, pallid faced children with hollow eyes who never smile. The dark-eyed children.

For some reason, I see Nazi Germany in this vision; little Arayan children standing stock still and unhappy.

...shivers... Such a dreadful image.
siobhan you know there's something wrong with the world when you wake up to a burn-down plastic slide in the park next to your house. 071118
;P yeah, thats weird,
how is your diary coming along :)
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