jennifer a kiss on the neck
but throws me off
when I think you are someone else
but I don't mind
you make me smile
and give great backrubs
and always touch my shoulder
when we talk
and you are so sweet
to never judge
I love your droppy eyes
and your little belly
and your
dinner napkin
CinnamonGirl I've been contemplating suicide
But it's really does not suit my style
So i think i just act bored instead
To contain the blood i would have shed

She makes me feel so ill at ease
My heart is really on it's knees
But i keep the poker face so well
That even mother couldn't tell

But my baby so vain
That she is almost a mirror
And the sound of her name
Sends a rush of shivers down my spine

I keep the photograph against my heart
'Cause in my life she plays the staring part
All alcohol and cigaretts
There is no room for cheap regrets
little wonder will do anything for 020319
Syrope of pleasure, of expectation, of wanting you more than you could ever imagine

of disgust, of hatred, of anger that you think this is about you...
in the pines the whole night through 020319
sotto voce me timbers. arrrhh... 020319
silentbob your fingernails up and down my back

oh my god
i want to do something bad that feels really good right now
. twitch. 031206
ethereal down my spine...resent how you make me feel. 040413
Borealis is that resent I see? 040413
ethereal resent cannot be seen. it exists in the deepest fears of the mind. 040413
pete resent is the enemy of the shivers. 040413
ethereal funny how they go hand in hand. 040413
pete perhaps they dance too among the stars 040413
KISA because of the stars 060426
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