allie mine always remind me of my mistakes. when i look at them & i see those little white specks, or calcium deposits, i think...i've done something wrong to make them be there, and i just have to wait for them to grow out and leave me, there's nothing i can do but just wait, until they are gone and it's okay again, and i do something else to fuck them up...& those little white specks always come back over and over...and i'll have them for the rest of my life just like everyone else does.. 990524
Rainer You're human: you just can't be more perfect than I am.

alida fingernails scratch on the door of a self-devouring adolecent whom drinks from a murky fountian. his eyes cloudy, his spirit faded. his heart pours and drips into a sullen pool of sorrow and regret. a crack of sunlight from a soven windowpane slowly slitheres among the cracks in the walls, gently carressing the peeling wallpaper; his last hope for a clensing revival of his senses.
alas, he misses the oppurtinity and lets the toilet overflow once more.
elimeny fingernails
etching themselves into skin
engraving themselves upon flesh
leaving this little tiny marks that
Oh, the frustration allows me to use these weapons as a tool
I'm not invulnerable
But as I grace my face witha beaming
Notice my fingers
Pressing themselves
Into my arms...
The force is almos fearful
This could be you or anyone else
So before you ask me
"Why do you do that?"
Just be Grateful
it isnt You.
betsy this incarnation of my fingernails -- says how I am. 000208
nicollete My fingernails are more powerful than your words. And with each sick threat of yours I dig them deeper. It must seem morbid , I know, but your hate carves harder than my fingernails ever will.
A menacing smile creeps over my face; this is my only triumph. And somehow none of it hurts.
grendel i grow 'em long and pointy.
i paint 'em in dark colours.

the tips get burnt when i light my cigarettes.

old people look at me funny

i laugh when i catch them staring.
emily ...i bite a result of that, I have no nails....and i have no money to get fake ones....damn... 000707
MollyGoLightly i likes to paint mine red 000707
Teenage Jesus My son asked me yesterday "Daddy, why are you cutting your fingernails?"
I said "Because they grow and I like them to be short."
Then he said "Why do you grow fingernails?"
"Want to play dinosaurs?"
distorted tendencies I painted mine a Soar Perle #155 by Loreal this morning. I never paint my fingernails, this was the first time in about a year. 011005
Glory Box Mine are short, almost no white, and today they're the color of orange peels.

Sickness starts in your hands. You can read the shape of the day off the state of your fingernails.
crimson Abby was a complete stranger when she walked up to me and said, "I see that you have fingernails. This means that you are not insecure." I, at that moment, was hugging myself.
I notice she has a scar on her wrist and very little nail on her fingers.
I think we might become friends.
silentbob too long! can't find my clippers! 030916
crimson that reminds me
a guy i once knew had long toenails like razor blades. i have a scar from him on the back of my leg.
nomatter eww 030916
celestias shadow i bite them like nothing else. i almost never have any white on them. the only way i can stop is by incessantly snapping a rubber band on my wrist. i hate that i bite them, but i just can't stop. 030922
pipedream paint 'em with that grotty yucky-tasting nail polish goo that's supposed to make you stop....nail-biting is awful; a cousin of mine bites hers and her fingers look mutated :S 030922
misstree two just snapped off, middle and ring, when i went to open a drawer for a paper i ended up not needing anyway.

that drawer took away two of my best claws.

that's what i get for not putting on the hardening coat.

guess i should blunt them all down until they get a bit of length back, at least on that hand.

i feel like an idiot for the amount of sadness this inspires in me.
Cherry_Springwater Don't be sad, Misstree! They'll grow back. Besides, no claws means you get to bite more for your dinner.

I love my fingernails. They look great with polish, and taste great with out. Plus, there are parts on my body I just can't itch with my elbows.
Lemon_Soda I stopped biting my nails because I heard it was a bad habit. I couldn't stick with it though. They say you do it because your nervous or have confidence issues. Maybe not the former, but certainly the latter. Kind of symbolic for all the little promises I make to myself. 030930
realistic optimist i don't like to cut my nails.
biting them is so much more pleasurable.
i had beaten this vice at one point.
perhaps i'll beat it again, but i ton't
mutilate my findgers at all...
misstree another one lost,
the right thumb nail
that has stood so proud.
slightly rounded point
increased both esthetics
and tool's usefulness,
and now my unarmored thumb
whimpers softly at refreshed sensation.

on my desk,
it looks more chitinous than
once-alive, alien, broad curves
too sweeping, too symmetrical,
the little hatched lines
errily indicative of its meaty beginnings.
the person who follows misstree around and cleans errily = eerily 031003
pipedream i can never really get mine totally right because my fingers aren't straight, but i love my hands, specially my piffle for slightly crooked nails, they match the fingers.
im afraid my blathersphere is dwindling into inaneities like talking about my fingers. yikes.
ferret i like 'em 031005
Nick I don't mind cutting my fingernails, it's toenails I hate cutting! Dont want to chop my toe off! 040609
Nick I don't mind cutting my fingernails, it's toenails I hate cutting! Dont want to chop my toe off! 040609
shivers chew them off about once a week, can't help it. 040929
daxle dirty_dirty_fingernails 040929
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