Tess Nail

Walk through here

When I've been just by myself
I start thinking too much
Unhealthy things start to happen
Like gastric disorders

I just go out walking
With my favourite piece of wood
With a 4 inch nail driven through it

When I am just by myself
I think too much
I start polishing my behaviour
Without any mercy

Somehow people
Don't seem to like me,
I don't know why,
I really don't want to hurt them

When I've been just by myself
I start thinking too much
I know I'm not talkative
What! I've become dry?
An emotional biscuit
That's nonsense!
Sir, this nail of yours is rusty
It's evil

I like them but when I hit them
They scream and run away
Even though I say I'm sorry.
I like meeting people.

Sugarcubes, Here today, tomorrow, next week!
not really sheeeeee-it! 000123
green__tenedril a nail went through the hand of mercy.
like the snow.
Effingham Fish When all you have is a hammer... 011030
sEth I have a kind of squishy skelton doll type thing, and I stuck a nail through his head, and brought to school. I had to sit in the office the rest of the day. 011110
kx21 Given a Nail:-

Nothing tastes or scents better than a Hammer...

Copyright 2003
phil flat and yellow 030120
phuk I hear ya tess.
Don't know what that nail thing is all about though.
what's it to you?
who go