grendel not so much what you made of me, but worse.

what i let you make of me
Kijima to transform, morph, turn into something else, better or worse than you were before 010816
Inanna Transformation of.....whatever?
Metamorphasis of.....whatever?
snatch i hate people who spend their whole lives becoming someone else. these are people without dedication who can't simply BE. 020207
reitoei i felt a little weird today when i woke up. i crawled over the mirror and guess what? im a coakcroach. wonder what my friends will say. no i already know. "shit happens. can i have your laptop?" 020303
thea kafka-pumpkin. 020821
ellie what you hate 030914
bluemoonriver to settle in
to aquiesce
unfold into the abyss of yourself and let it decide what you are
to unfold
MoonFairy This urge, this curse -
it builds up inside of me.
I can't get away,
there is no escape.
All I know
is what is in my head
is now released.
So come to me
this wonderful disease,
this dreadful blessing,
and see your results
in my verse.
lu-antonia to become myself being over 40 - that,s a chalange 060327
superleni what will
who will

if anything

or nothing

what's it to you?
who go