the void it's rather amusing to find a person becoming centered. For instance, birdmad, is, as we speak, finding a center within blather... it's fun to see a person take shape 000416
Free Why this constant becoming? Why this need to become somthing? Like a hores with a carrot dangling in front of its face. Forever chaseing after the nonexistan. Never coming face to face with reality. 000416
marjorie Imagine what I could create
If only this went on forever
And the red kept on
And the band stopped playing
And your favorite song disappeared
In the rush
When you ask I should answer
When I answer you worry
And misunderstood
I think we're all just one step away
From wasted
Like I have the last two years
Minus any help
From anything
Least of all 80 proof.
Minus everything.
xle the me that you know is now made up of wires
even when i'm right with you, i'm so far away
(i am becoming)
downward birdmad it's the nature of
of my circuitry
unhinged as the years go by
things are commited to memory
no new experiences
to add to our
body of work
she has a picture of my two angels
on the refrigerator
i am put back
on the shelf
until time or life runs out
what does it feel like
to be so busy that people you call friends don't matter to you anymore?
wrapped up in new worlds
you don't belong in
but you say it makes you happy
that it's great
to keep the company of crackheads
and gun-carrying drug dealers
driving them around
and giving them money
i'm put back on the shelf
only to be brought back down
to hear about them
when you are worried about them
i am becoming what he said that i had made you
funny isn't it?
z the future is forever becoming now 060105
what's it to you?
who go