silentbob she stopped for a moment just to sit back and gaze into my eyes, to bask in the presense of my face. no one had ever done that before her, and i knew that she was the one.
in the persuasion of soulmate to soulmate, given the theory that there is one man for one woman, IF that philosophy is truth, then she is mine and i am hers.
Otherwise we just make each other really happy and want to be together forever, and what's wrong with that?
cj Who went? 010131
pearl Don't you know when you're loving anybody, baby,
You're taking a gamble on a little sorrow,
But then who cares, baby,
'Cause we may not be here tomorrow, no.
And if anybody should come along,
He gonna give you any love and affection,
I'd say get it while you can
sabbie we were having fun
we had paid our fare
and we had climbed aboard

laughing and
screaming and
shouting and

we whirled
and whirled
and whirled

and then the world stopped
and we got off.
Chrity go to:
mauth hound for a moment

in scent

blamethesky stopped drinking caffiene only to start drinking alcohol. go figure. 010812
distorted tendencies ..Is when you can enjoy things.
When you can see things clearly.
When you realize that he loves you back.
When you realize how ill you are because you've been moving to fast.
When you can't move, either because you are so ill or because you are extremely weak from that anorexic diet..
When you just take the time to listen to someone.
When you realize that things are not as ominous and dark as you thought they were.
When you take the time to enjoy the things you already have.
When you learn to appreciate things and those that love you.

...When you are just listening to yourself breathe...
pei They always laugh when I can' keep up, they push me away if I get too close, they make sure I'm last so they are first, yet when I stop they wonder why? 020210
Rower1 I stopped when the pain got too much. 020804
sex sex 031203
Soma I hadn't seen him in two weeks.
When I saw him at the mall, I ran up to him, and said "Ethiopian Child!" (for that is the name I gave him).

He paused, stared at me as if confused as his eyes widened the smallest bit, and then he said to me
"Woah. My heart stopped for a moment when I saw you"

And I wasn't sure if he was saying he loved me, or if I just scared him.
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