Quintessensual If everyone who can't could
If everyone who can would
There'd be no hoary should
And the world?
me? the frammisgoshes should be distimmed because a frammisgosh
is like a farble and distimming is like gosketing
and our ancestors always gosketed the farbles
valis word!

i should be sleeping.
deb i should be writing~
writing my book, that is..
it's my day off work and
i jumped online just to check my mail
and see if our dear andrea
had blathered yet,
and, alas,
two hours later i still sit,
now with a giant latte mug of
mmm... cappuccino...
listening to the soundtrack from
romeo and juliet,
hearing the clicking of claire
fiddling with the gun,
and i won't leave this lovely place...


ok maybe i will
bye now
virgo78 the difference between what is and what is not 001104
not god i shouldn't do anything 001104
s.s.s. whoever invented
should should
have gone on a
picnic instead
hoodrat should i be like this
i'm restless, and pissed

there has to be something intriguing to do. fuck, i hate this fucking town


should there such_a_place
shak means i don't have to 010405
genevieve i am so scared that i am mediocre 010626
indust I should be happy
I should be smart
I should want to have friends
I should want to be popular
I should want to wear brand clothing
I should say sieg heil every morning in school
I should watch tv 24 hours a day
I should be "patriotic"

but i won't

I should not wear black nail polish
I should not listen to "unpopular" music
I should not think anything of death
I should not think anything of life
I should not think

but i do
xavier should have,
would have,
could have.
pipedream should! ought! words like that piss me off, we never do what we think we should or ought to do, so what's the point of bashing yourselves over the head about it and feeliing guilty when it doesn't make an iota of a difference? if you're going to insist on being a certain way, do it with style, not as a half-assed, skulky thing! 030416
pipdream and that was a gorgeous post, me? ! i LOVED it, reminded me of lewis carroll and roald dahl. lovely. 030416
minnesota_chris "half assed skulky thing"... who told you my nickname? 030416
Syrope i can't help thinking i should have planned tonight a little differently...i have my last exam in 3 and a half hours (it's 4:30 am) and i'm starting to get sleepy. i've been tired all day but spent the last 8 hours goofing off and packing/cleaning instead of studying so the tiredness really didn't set it. if i go to bed now (that's after cleaning off the bed...hmm) i'll only get like 2 hours of sleep...that's worse than staying up...but i'm really like i'm headed to the library. i think they open their coffee shop at 5

ahhh ephemeral_regrets
salt shaker i should call you, but then it'd push you away. how do you let someone know you like them and want things to happen with them without making yourself seem too keen and too available? i've been told guys like a challenge and if i throw myself at them they'll go elsewhere for fun. 030513
joda Figure out what you want, then do it. If you have hang-ups, so what? You either miss out, or you are better off. It's a matter of your own perspective based on your wants, not what you think could be, should be, or what he thinks could or should...

Does this make sense? I hope so.

This is really an answer to my own question. This is something I should stop feeling guilty about.
Chris: the new name for hate should i care to blather any longer, will anyone read, will anyone care, i dont believe that i should blather any longer, for once i am dea,d my words will go unsaid, so should i blather any longer, letting you all see the pretty colors that i bleed, so why should i blather any longer, its not like you have anything better to do, should i really blather any longer, i find myself, abusing my health, do i care if i should blather any longer, if i did, whould i have came this far, should i have came this far.... 040118
weaving sunlight my friend Blake cuts
through my confusions
like a lighthouse beam
in the dark night sky
when he advises
"Do what you should."
gnome So many things I should have done, but I didn't so.... meh - you guys can learn from that!

Anyway, I'm going to go actually do something... then I won't be able to think i should have done it and possibly regret not doing it or just saying "meh".

carpe diem ladies and gentlemen
Kim i have homework to do 041020
jesejmes People are people so why should it be? You should hate me. People are people so why should it be? You and I shouldn't get along. Should....but thats not the case 050508
kariann grfuyrkeaghksueg

z i have always considered should amongst the most dangerous words in the english language. 060306
IO1011 You shouldn't control them with an iron fist, but an iron lung. 060718
z i still consider should dangerous. 060914
. A poetic notion, z. I'd love you to elaborate. 100119
. What's_the_'Point'?

It's more than 1000_'full_sized_commemorative_coffins',with Zero_Margin_of_Error...
() (should should not be honored) 111007
what's it to you?
who go