yeah me are just different", she said.
No, we're all fucked up.
valis Ernest Hemingway. Jack Kerouac. Bruce Lee. Cool Hand Luke. Clint Eastwood. John Lee Hooker. Guys. 991211
hotbabe are not men. they are boys. in turn, most men are guys. i cant really say that i have ever really met a real man besides my dad. 001111
ninnescah They are strong protective arms that hold you whn you are cold and don't ever want to leave. If I could cut that embrace from the rest of the assinine qualities of a man I sould be a happy girl. 010314
jem smell good
are strong
open doors
are cute when they smile
and pretend to be tough
mikey tough? LOL im such a softie its not even funny. ive never been in a fight my whole life (28 yrs) i think its me being so mellow i get along with anyone and dont cause trouble. maybe its my look to shaved head..goatee...people leave me alone. heehee

never judge a book by its cover...fits me perfect.
jem tehehe...
well maybe its just the guys around here acting all tough. whether its the homie g's or metal heads, they're so... goofy!
of course there are a select few who melt my heart from time to time, while the rest just try to get my attention.
news flash: being an asshole is NOT a turn on!
i hate my school...
=grumble grumble=
RAH Guys always seem to no how to screw things up. They can cause youa woprld of trouble yet take it all away at the same time. Guys make the best mates but suck as boyfriends. Man i hate guys but hten i cant get them out of my head especially you.. you know who you are... and well damn you 011002
lilith burning i knew one once
i think maybe i'm the reason he's such an asshole now. he was sweet and sensitive and kinda shy when i met him but he tried too hard and he caught me at the wrong time so i tore him down every chance i got just so someone would know how i felt then.
it changed him, it made him just like me

))i'm sorry, sweetie, god knows i'd take it back i i could, but you scare me now((
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Guys are evil. They must have some diabolical plan against us gyrls. Screw y'all. Well, the majority of you who are perpetually evil anyway. 011026
ClairE Annie111: I love it how guys feel the need to start an IM with a question about homework. like just starting a conversation with "hi" would be too emotional or something 011217
DanetteTN915 "I don't want to read too much into it, but....."
"You're not. Do you know what the problem with guys is? The problem with guys, is that they are so oblivious, they play with your mind without even knowing it. That's why they say girls read too much into shit, it's because we actually pay attention."
nameless your an asshole
i hate you i hate you
you hurt me so bad
more than you'll ever know becuase i loved you too much to tell you

so you wouldn't get upset when i was upset
and now what...its my fault that i'm throwing you away?
when i need to in order to survive
i cant live without you
but i sure as hell cant live with you
god your such a fucking joke
and yet i love you.
adelaide i hate you.
we were friends.
good friends.
dare i say best friends.
i gave you my world.
i spoiled you. haha, oh how i spoiled you.
but i made you sweet. it was me that made you funny. it was me that made you a nice guy. i was the one who made you fun to be around with. it was me that made you throw aside your most horrible real self.
but i know you'll never admit it.

you've abandonded me.
and now everything that you were to me, everything you shined with... everything that made you... you... its gone.
though you may never realize it, its gone until you stop pretending i never was. until you go back to the being the one that i loved. the one i wished upon the evening star to.

you owned me.
i worshipped you.
i let you drive my car.
i let you control me.
i let you into my heart.
i shared with you my deepest thoughts.
i came to your window on lonely autumn nights.
those beautiful autumn nights.

as the life... the warmth... the magic... slipped away from the season... so did yours from me.

why i do not know.
because... when i think about it... it never even was.
to you that is.
it was to me.
oh how it was to me.
but you? hah, i misjudged you.

the one i thought you were...
he wouldn't see me every day... because i know you see me... he wouldn't see me and pretend otherwise.
he wouldn't block me out.
he'd miss my laugh
my smile
my presense
my insight

he'd care that i wake up morning after morning with tears dried upon my pillow.
he'd care that i'm hurting.
he'd care that he ruined me.
he'd care that hes all i ever think about... all that i want... what i would do anything to have again.

no, no.
the one that i loved... he is no more.
he was so wrongfully replaced by you.
you and your vicious motives and thoughts and prioreties.
you and your carelessness.

the one that i cared so much about
hes waiting for me
i'll find him

but you...
you're just a guy.
just a guy.
too proud to admit you're wrong.
too proud to give into pain.
well i hope you hurt someday.
i hope it hurts you.
i hope you realize what you gave up.
and i hope you regret it.

i know you will.

though i try to hate you...
though i want so badly to be able to really hate you...
i still drive by your window every night.
i still look to see if your light is on.
poetcimisfit guys....
me are there really any good ones? or for that matter, are there any left?
i spend alot of time, just dreaming that someday ill get to meet that special guy. i hope i do. and yet i wonder if anyone would actually want me. man, i hate society.
Chilly D Yeah... that phrase would make a great t-shirt. "I love society" - Bunnies everywhere. 030110
jenni stupid 040213
that one chick men are f'n' jerks... and yeah, most of them really suck... 040504
blister what do all you people have against guys, anyways?

it makes me hurt inside...

thieums Guys...
what's it to you?
who go