starved swept up in tide of the things i've been feeling (though sometimes i try not to feel at all)

the dam broke and now i am reacting before i have time to think and thinking only hurts
jon reacting
rachel what do you need for high school courses to get into acting colleges? 040123
Casey I no longer act. I only go and watch others act and I critique them. That and all the actors I've met here are asses. 040301
Radhi I think all I ever do is act. Not in the beautiful Shakesperean sense, but just that I am too lazy to figure out what I want or who I am, so I act. Its so roundabout, being someone I didn't even plan on being, all the while trying to be someone else. And neither of these people seem natural. Just a consummate actress I guess 040301
girl_jane There's presentational and representational. We're trying for the "realness" of representational instead of the "acting" of presentational. "Don't act," we're told. "Really listen; really talk; really *DO* what you're doing." 040301
misstree spoke with an actor last night
re: live action role playing,
compare and contrast to acting.

crying on cue;
larping, however,
has no set script;
it all comes from
a character's cuff.
what's it to you?
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