Shar My head aches today. I don't know why. I haven't hit myself with a frying pan today.

Stress? Or is my achy heart taking it out on my noggin?
Thyartshallshant My heart hurts more than a frying pan to the head ever could. 010104
cazzi and my soul hurts more than a truck running over my head could. 010105
Rat Bait Hurt is no greater when I writhe in my own agony as I hurt others.

There is no malice in my intentions. I seek the comfort of a lover who can not hold me. I twist and contort in this knowledge and wanting does not make it real.

Rejection? I hear you cry. No this is far worse....... what could be worse?
lalalalala i don't mean to hurt you, i am here and what i do is up to me, i am not intentionally doing it to get at you, you still know me. i wouldn't. i don't ever want to see you hurt.
i love you silly.
elana i'v died millions of times since i'v met you. thats not what hurts though. what huurts is that i didnt matter to you- i was nothing and still am.
it hurts that i miss you and you dont give a half a monkeys ass.
lelale it hurts to know you still love her
when you say you love me
sometimes i think you love her more i've cried so many times just thinking of that
she's done so many things to you
why can't you let her go
terry it hurts to look at you know what you did to me. 010616
kingsuperspecial you know, there was this girl named elana
that used to want to fuck me more
than a fish wants water.

you know what, though.
through the drunken haze I realize that she really wanted to fuck
the CONCEPT of me
more than the actual me
and I was smart enough to know that
I'm a lousy fucking concept.
unhinged always

i'm just numbed up right now
rollins Don't do anything by half. If you love someone, love them. If you hate someone, hate them until it hurts. 010822
sage girl it hurts that i can't be with the one i want to be with for another 13 months 010925
[remy] is the word you say when you can't properly describe the result of having your muscles and bones molested by a motherfucker in a taffy machine. 020118
phil a person hurts, because they did everything right, right? 020704
stir-fried it hurts to do something i know i can 020918
phillip i am but a puppet being dragged through this awful existance. this isn't happening. 021026
crazyPUNKkait it hurts to say i hate you and that i want to kill you, when all i want to do is love you and hug you 021208
/anon I hurt.

but I wish for pain? why does anyone?
I dont understand anything. Everywhere anytime my head aches my muscles are tense my eyes water my face all wrinkly.

I wish for blood from my leg or arm.

I wonder what my condition is anyway?
nukemall where did my dreams go? can I still dream? it hurts being alone and in a walking state of exile, being isolated voluntarily. it hurts needing something so badly and denying it with a bent mind. 030926
sean When your mother no longer loves you and tells you so, thats what hurts. 031122
queen of darkness it hurts to know that all i went through means nothing

it hurts that i saved you from yourself so many times and you needed me so much and you loved me

and that means nothing any longer

i dont understand why that suddenly changed
sara-emily my heart hurts as if its being ripped appart from the inside out. 040227
ethereal to breathe.

when around you.
broken it hurts to know that you will never change. you rule me through guilt in every possible way and it hurts to know that no matter how much it hurts.. i cant stop it. 040318
char it hurts just as much being without you than with you. 040519
Mr Preach FOR FUCK SAKE.....Why can't I find a page on this site that dosn't poison my beautiful lcd monitor(it's new and i'm happy) with poetic misery. Shit it's really not that bad. Most of the people on this site seem to be grieving over complete bollox so i'm here to belittle that very same bollox that you all seem to love sooo much.

Here is a small representatoin of real misery (although fictional is based on a degree of realism based heavily on death in gaza)

Ahmed lived in palastine and had a humble childhood. He used to play in the dusty hot street with his friends pretending to be a martyr for the islamic cause like the heros posted on the walls around his house. No xbox or ipod for him. His mother was always sad after his father was taken under some dictators harsh regime and would often speak of how she wished she never had to feed poor ahmed. She hated him. This made ahmed sad until one day he began to play football. It became his life and means of escaping the endless turmoil of hate. He remained strong until one day his siter was group raped and beaten by soldiers and slowly died of a vaginal infection that could not be treated because the hospital would not help her. Ahmed was overtaken with rage and hate, with nowhere to put the confusion. Oneday months later when returning from football practice he saw a small group of soldiers cornering a young boy in the street. The rage welled inside his eyes as his gaze shifted down to a pile of small rocks. He picked one up and threw it at the israeli soldiers hitting one on the head, knocking him flat. They turned and ran towards him as ahmed fled into a nearby alley. He was too slow and was quickly caught and pinned to the floor. His raging face squinted through the bright sun. he could not see their faces. Only the ugly toothy grin of a man raising a gun to his legs. The bullets tore through his young knee caps shattering his chins. The soldiers spat on him as he writhed and twisted on the dusty ground. His mangled legs became matted with gritty reddened filth as he slowly bled on the streets. Ahmed didn't play football anymore and only sat swallowed by hatred and sadness next to his aging mother, alone in his dirty house with no hope of justice or escape from the hell he never deserved. All he had was his computer where he stumbled acroos a website called blather where he found people talking about how sad they were because they split up with some petty boyfriend, or how pointless life is because they can't lift themselves out of the self centered misery they synthesised out of nothiing whilst listening to system of a down. He then draged himself out onto the hot street and beat himself to death with a bicycle wheel he found on the road. (so sad)

So remeber....Life can be sad for lots of us but somewhere it's really fucking ridiculously miserable for people who don't have half the chances we do. So stand up, take a deep breath and SORT IT OUT FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE READING THIS WEB PAGE IF NOT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crazy_hope it really does,
when you ignore me like you do.
when i can hear you heave
a sigh of reluctance
when i come up to talk to you.
Skie What hurts for you,
it hurts for me.
I need you so,
don't ever leave.
I broke your heart
and let you bleed.
The past is done,
and it's all 'cause of me.
When I dream of the future
I dream of you,
and all the things
you thought we would do.
I can't take it back,
and I doubt that I would,
but when think of tomorrow,
it's you that I need.
I know in my heart
to your wishes I can't concede.
But deep in my soul
there's a place for you,
and I hope that you know
you're in everything I do.
blown cherry everything does. I just want to sleep but things keep waking me and sleep does not return. 090620
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