erin the psycho jipsy why are there millions of sperm when
it only takes one to impregnate a woman

less than one percent of sperm in the male ejaculate is designed to fertilize the female

the rest are there to either block the passage to the womb should the other men's sperm approach or to engage other men's sperm in mortal combat
startfires i think so the hardest working, fastest, smartest sperm will get the lady pregnant. that's natural selection. the strongest out of one million is most likely going to be better than the strongest out of ten. 001005
User24 d'ya think? weird, I just thought it was either ineffeciency or safe guarding; if there's a million of the buggers in there, one of them's bound to make it.. it'd be weird if each different sperm would have produced a different child.. most funky. 031030
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