Catherine I really don't think what I want to say is even readable... not that I blame the whole gender or anything... 990622
David I am male, Not at all what I expected. I'd switch but I don't have 8 grand. 990927
Colleen If women have two x chromosomes and men have one x chromosome, does that mean women are 100 percent women and men are 50 percent women? hmmm. 991112
Quintessensual No, 'cause some of what the Y chromosome's genes do is make proteins that turn off genes on the X chromosome, or deactivate proteins made from the X chromosome's genes. So males are more than 0 but less than 50 % female; about 33.33% approximately. 991112
baby I was just wonerding if their's a time of the month were there are more x or y in the male. Say I wanted to have a boy is there a certain time were the males chromosomes are more stronger to have a boy 000918
j_blue gender is weird, in general its best to say one blends into the other.

anatomically, this occurs often enough, but modern science acts quickly to hide this fact.

generally when an infant is of indeterminate gender, doctors make the baby female (since its generally easier to do this, than to make an infant male)

genes can only do so much

(incidentally, male-hood rocks!)
Mahayana masle, male, masculus

+ a man or a boy [nope]

+ an individual that produces small usually motile gametes (as spermatozoa or spermatozoids) [nope]

due to failing these two criterias
many of us are not allowed to love
others of us whom have also not met
the afore mentioned criteria

lack of motile gametes prevents you from being able to communicate with me
would your mother really prefer ... that i produce motile gametes?

odd she doesnt care what we talk of, but only what is or is not between my legs, if i was a guy i could be talking of such horrendousness with you... or disrespecting you and shed not care ... so as long as i have balls right?

this is the first time i wish i had some motile gametes of my own, i love being a woman, never wanted to be a guy ... until tonight ... not being one is preventing me from knowing you : and this is all i want ... is to know you

everything is falling apart like being kicked when you are already down and have been kicked 2 times over...
one more loss added to the list of this week...

i think i am being punished
i think i am in hell
i think i am deserving of all this pain

i keep thinking this has got to be it ... im at the absolute bottom .. now i can climb and rise up out of this funk ... than something else happens

[i just gotta keep going]
[gotta keep going]
[keep going]

masle, male, masculus
flowerbed on a cloud ^^ Rawr! 051203
aionanever being me is being gay and i am that to which you must all aspire for i am at home with myself, even though i may not be gay 071120
? where does the confunsion come from i wonder then? 071120
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