drew 'everybody get on the funky train'...

kudos to any radio station that plays an old school funk format. that's some good shit. funk-o-tron me, baby...

'we gonna turn this mutha out'...
jared_d Free your mind and your ass will follow. - George Clinton

It's a psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop!
kr8 the best is a bit
of both
the sound
and the scent

little bit of stevie
or parliament
and some candles
and my lady
and some dancing

and then some hours later
we got the two-tone funk
and a nice warm feeling
and sore muscles
yolanda i was thinking that the two definitions of funk, as in "funky" and "in a funk" are completely different, but maybe they really are not so different. funky would be sort of fleeting relative to being in a funk. rhymes with bunk. 000528
Pupal Stage (Imago) playing dominoes on the back porch in the "wrong" part of town with a couple of crazy old men on a warm autumn night with beers in our hands and food in the kitchen after a late evening jam session at a little dive bar a few blocks away 000529
neville Ok. Right. Funk. It's like...

I got nuthin.
For sure! Get down with your bad selves! 001211
zenfishsticks i want to change my last name to funk.

just so that at restaurants, they would announce:

"funk party of two."
ellen cherry charles zenfishsticks, did i tell you we have family friends last name of funk?

you should look them up
crimson I want the bomb
I want the P.Funk
I want my funk uncut
Make my funk the P.Funk
I wants to get funked up

We would get together and groove all night to a ceaseless flow of funk. There was a warm, dizzy aura about the kitchen on those rainy summer days, and everyone wore loose, hippie clothes. We let the bass push through out bodies and soothe our brains.
Heffable Horralump Glory be, da funk's on me! 031215
Lucy I love funk!!! It makes me feel all cozy inside. :) 040212
hsgatincamail gfe 040409
zeke stomp on the one. otherwise do anything you want as long as it swings and is syncopated 040409
JdAwG You have to dig those crazy 16th notes, the guitar with it's wah, the bass slapping away. It's generally hard to read funk, but that's because it's supposed to be felt. Funk yeah, Motherfunkers! 040513
jmaie funkstorung 040922
Mister Funkadelic Oh yeah baby,

shimmy to the funk.
punkr funkafy biatch.. ya know ya wanna be funky jus like me... 061007
no reason i need another adventure
something to do
my own terms
a day without mini monsoons
unhinged i feel a big long nasty one coming on; especially since i'm going to be living alone again soon. 080722
no reason 26, no job, living with parents (due to lack of funds), single, not many close friends in the city, continued health issues.

just started a really strict diet in efforts to (hopefully) help the health issues, in which i am avoiding sugar, yeast, wheat, milk, cheese, pickled veggies, smoked meats, and some other things. so basically, most things. and my body now feels kind of strange, which i guess is expected at the beginning of the diet, if that's even the reason. the diet also puts a strain on my social life, since there's no real point in me going out anywhere to eat or drink anything, except occasional tea.
and it's hard. and the books say to receive moral support while on it, but it's hard when you don't have much of a local support system.
i don't know. loneliness and lack of motivation and self-pity. three cheers.
In_Bloom Give up too many things at once and your body is going to give you serious withdrawal.

Cut out the sugar, suffer two months and the cravings for salt and starch and the rest will follow.

Caffeine helps the tears
what's it to you?
who go