852456 So very close to tasty in spelling...

good thing the "n" and "t" are far enough apart on the keyboard; otherwise more restauraunt reviewers might get into trouble.

By the way, made you look!
pralines&cream it's how i feel in the moment. You know the moment. When the straps to your shirt are down around you shoulders and you're both breathing heavily, with those wicked smiles on your faces. When your body is glazed with sweat, and strands of damp hair are matted to your face. The anxious excited movements and the evil, wonderful intentions. You can read them in his face, what he intends to do with you. And you certainly know what you intend with him. It's all so nasty. And ... so good. 011117
misstree bitter,
with just a little bite.
don't let me get mean.
crimson I wake up every morning with this feeling- it is more than gross- I feel positively grimy. Nasty. The dirt is in every pore of my face, down my neck and spine, on the backs of my legs. Crawling and spreading its contagious flith. 030722
myxylpyx and moist * shudders*
I hate that word...
spoken while shopping in the grocery store
i saw a fat and nasty whore
she was pushing 250
in halter top she tried to squeeze
arms all jiggly
jelly roll wiggly
cut off shorts
ass lumpy biggly
bent down stooping in the aisle
thong was showing
taste of bile
nasty, nasty
cover up
repulsive nasty fat ass slut

side note : nothing against big'uns but if your fat is oozing out of your clothing buy bigger sizes ewwwwwwwwwwwww
what's it to you?
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