psyki panther attack takes a bite
out of my spine
i fall over
like the leaning tower of spain
in my left hand
i hold a aluminum ion spoon
but now my brain cortex
is starting to slowly spin
and i don't think
i'll be able to use that spoon
to defend my self
and lengthen my life span
then my self becomes extremely agitated
it wonders why i am not defending it
it wonders why the panther
is eating it
lokkust The Tingler 000309
BoofPixie you've got one. its like backbone, only way more clinical and prone to infection. 000310
moonshine My hearts spread wide open as the sky, the pain of reluctance, and shower of fears make no tides of these unmelting emotions. I can taste your pain in an old wicker basket... 010113
god ! 010113
falling_alone i have no spine...

see how i bend!
nahui she had a spine like a suspension bridge, arched and tense and strong. 041204
anne-girl a beautiful word 050826
valis backless blouses on girls: oh my.
this is my favorite trail, the gentle canyon where the muscles curve in along the back
sirflaccid The muscles in my spine gave way to exhaustion. Felt good at the show, not bad for the party, but has become hell thus far. 060312
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