andrea hold on tight
for i fear the wind
will blow against the
walls rather hard tonight
hold onto my hand and
i promise to see you through
all the storms that are coming
as best as i can

copyright 1999
Joana. Hold me...
I can't go through another sleepless night...
not tonight...
As the scary noises make me shiver...
and the slow breathing of the night torments me...
It's so cold...
So very cold...
I need warmth...
and safety...
Hold me tonight...
And I promise not to leave you...
Mana even angels need help flying around, let me hold you and i wont hold you down. 010101
keeper i need someone to hold me, whether it be you or not, it really doesnt matter, i just need to be held, to cry in someone's arms, today brought me over the edge, ive fallen quite a large distance in the past 12 hours 010410

When you see love
And you don't know what it is
You might find yourself in fear
To show your heart
But when you feel is
And it's oh, so wonderful
You might find yourself in fear
To let it part, in fear to let it part

So hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when she feels
She needs a hand to hold
Someone who'll never let her go again
And hold him closer when he tries
To hold the tears back from his eyes
Don't say goodbye

When your heart decides
That it's time to let it through
There's no reason to be scared
To open up
Cause love may be blind
But all of us don't see it
So just once in your life
If you hear the knock of love
Just let it in

Hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when you know it's time to say goodbye
You hurry back to see her smile again
And hold him closer when he's down
When his world is upside down
Turn it around

So hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when she feels
She needs a hand to hold
Someone who'll never let her go
And hold her closer when she's down
When her world is upside down
Turn it around
Hold her close
freakizh tight.
to disappear nightmares.
and to create new dreams.
CheapVodka Please hold for the Operator 011102
just some fucked up girl i couldn't catch her when she fell. Why couldn't I hold her God? 011119
silentbob Oh well, you've got me under your spell
and I don't think that I'm kidding around.
I don't think I can forget you now.
I once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town.
I saw the structured grid and pavement cutting through grass
and I remembered the cold of winter running up the legs of my pants.
I picked the nicest lawn and imagined the two of us
rolling around down along the ground.
I saw myself touch your face and I noticed jets begin to race above our heads.
But I pinched my arm and remembered how much you hate me.
I remembered the fact that I can't see what you need
and I'm too stupid to be aware of the beauty that you give this place
and how shitty this town would seem without you in it.
When you aren't around I let the shades fall down to shut out
all the sun's light and make myself feel all right.
What am I doing with my life?
Remember that the only things we need sometimes
are chilly nights and warmer thighs, 'cause there's nothing like being held.
blown cherry sometimes I'll ask a friend to just hold me,
'cause if someone doesn't I'm afraid I'll fall apart at the seams
blown cherry That overpowering instinct,
when they're telling you all the shit in their life,
like it doesn't really matter that much to them,
but you know it does,
you can tell how much it hurts because of that micro expression when I say my dad rings work to see if I'm alive,
when yours only seems to push you further and further away.
The book on the coffee table.
The area just inside the front doorway.
The curfew that seems to say "sleep somewhere else".
The fucking bed ferchrissakes.

The overpowering instinct to pull your head to my chest and just hold you forever and wipe away all your problems so you could just be safe and happy for the rest of your life.

But there are dreams that cannot be....

The overpowering instinct that turns to a crippling ache.
blown cherry I'm falling apart and theres no one to hold me together.

oh help!
Perspective_Of_Soul Take my hand and hold it tight.
I shall allow you to see the crevices of my soul, the depths of my eternity.
It resides not in the borderless bounderies of hope filled cloudless skies, nor in the dawn of times to be had.
It rains down as if the clouds are being wrung dry by the strong hands of the creator of all that is deceit.
There is no silver lining there, but i wish it would fall on me.
Perhaps i could be lost forever in the fog of that which torments me.The rain would no longer fall but drown me regardless making me feel heavy.As if being stood on by fatigue, trampled by hopelessness yet i would still feel light headed.
Gravity would change perspective within my mind and i would look up to myself being down here within the dimly lit gloom of a sunless sky, a moonless glow.
My wings would appear, spreading wide and powerful.Their feathers creaking with a new found life, white and beautiful and everlastingly addictive to touch.
Yet they shall be drenched with the pity floating around them.
They shall be useless to fly out of this wretched place they belong in because he who has them dies of lonliness, even tho, you are still holding his hand.
eh? i rock your socks, you know i do. 021010
fucked once too often I will hold my head up and hold myself strong,
but only until I break
the nights child I need some holding... 030727
a girl with nothing to say i need someone to hold me in thier arms i want to hold on to a relationship 031017
Death of a rose on, emergency crews are on their way. 031022
realistic optimist [insert muzak here] 031022
pezlets clutching me in your arms feeling the emotions between us 031130
yyyo hate 031223
ash long, sleepless nights.
the one person i need to feel
the one person i need to hold
why can't he be here?
why can't he hold me and just tell me that he cares?
ofsuch me so very close 040430
hsgatincamail okay 040620
Borealis hold me..
hatts Hold on.
Tight for i fear, the wind
will blow against the
Hold onto my hand rather hard tonight and i promise to see you.
Through all the storms that are coming.
As best as i can if u hyold me.
sahba holding on to my sanity is getting harder and harder 040819
Twizlex mexicans 050206
*SuPeR^ChIcK* Is there anyone out there that will hold me? I yern for the day that someone will hold me close and love me again. 060218
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