burden roaming 010724
sixteen lips and hips
walking with rings on their fingers,
these girls are promises.
lani and jesse Ring's are the armour against society
they give you the ability to rise above the rest of the world, the rings are very good to me. i have a ring shaped like a nut, i will someday have a wedding ring, maybe a turqoise ring
whitechocolatewalrus rings and rings and rings

.. ring around the posie ..
.... ashes to ashes ....
... we all fall down ...
pipedream the more the better! i've a ring fetish! 031210
a thimble in time Suffering does not have a nice ring to it. 031211
lightbeam yeah, rings rule!

i have 55 of them, currently wearing 17 on left hand, 15 on right hand!

can't get enough!!
hope I'll be up to 100 real soon!
oldephebe so the ring as an emblem, as a figurative symbol or token of the union of two souls represents the perfection of the circle..two perfected souls perfected in one another...i guess... 041130
shank i'm a 31 year old man and i love rings especially womens rings. i have a small penis and often slip my girlfriends wedding and engagement rings on it for sex. i also love to feel a womans hands covered in rings sliding over my body especially for masterbation. if any ladies with lots of rings want to get in touch, please feel free 060304
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