di luce Today I recalled my first wedding. No, I was not the groom. I was the photographer, the guy who documents the whole sham of a ceremony. At least I thought it was a sham. By the day's end I was changed. The clockwork of my head and heart redesigned itself somehow, and I was completely and utterly taken by the beauty of two people in love. Every vow I ever made to avoid marriage went straight through the window. There is nothing more beautiful than two people in love. I could have photographed those two all day long. Well, not all day because they left for their honeymoon (I think). And I think they wanted to be ... ahem... alone for the after party. :) It makes me smile. Happy people. 030224
User24 I'm going to one one Saturday. 030604
js obsolete occassion 041110
bweka they call it "our big day"
ours is for all of you
though, marriage is not for everyone
ues free food, free booze
selfishly i'm all for it
phil I liked my friends wedding
I disliked my other friends wedding
My other friends wedding was weird
Not the same other friend, a different one
But I drank and danced and had a good time
I liked the friend's wedding I was the photographer at
One of my teachers rephotographed her own wedding
And I've heard of a man photographing his own wedding
I think that this might be pushing it, but that's probably just the kind of thing that they got married for doing
past i find the most exciting part of wedding planning is coming up with ideas for how to involve and entertain the legion of small children we're expecting. parades, arts and crafts, play structures. they're going to have so much fun. 151031
what's it to you?
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