dallas Oh, Like whatever. Get with it. 980901
[marissa] i wonder what it is to be with someone. to feel the heat between your lips.

the sweat and smoke. the precipitation of our love. devour me completely.

with you with me. we will be.
Rob Will I ever be with, or will i forever be without? 981021
meir connect. click. click. 990226
emily to have and to always be near. 990305
Claire Just get with it you babies. 991203
jennifer I think this was the title to one of Anita Liberty's poems 991221
marjorie would you like fries with that? 991221
andrea just a little wonder on how it would be
to share a moment...just you and me
camille together 000104
startfires startfires with matches. or lighters. or sticks. 001003
startfires or blowtorches 001003
bojo a little time later we emerged from this and found some worms 001110
j_blue me and my baby 001110
ketonicla wock wock wock 010202
god my thick, rubbery lips flailed with fleshy abandon. 010203
still..is me...john with fingers flying rapidly....i came undone...i mentioned something about our history..but was quickly lied to....i had mistakenly spoken.... 010306
Chrity go to:
nikki you with your worthless notions
you only come to me when you
know you are wrong, see that i'm upset
but i'm so stupid as to give you time to analyze the situation and turn it on me because i never say anything when i feel that way and you want to know why i am quiet
anonymous my name is jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse, and i might just be a vampire, you do not know. protect your leg at all times, someone might try to hump it...jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jesse jess jesse 010516
black-dyed gel product "Get with it, man. Everything's passing you by. You don't even have a driver's license yet. Get a girl. Get a job. Meet new people. Get some money. Get serious about something. You can't keep playing music with your fucked up friends forever. Get out of the garage. Stop smoking; it'll kill you. Stop drinking; you'll get fat. What do you want out of life? You're not going to get it. Deal with that, and move on."

--- a glance at truth
nemo without 010612
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Be with him.
If you are not with him, your are against Him.

Your neighbor is the one who is next to you at any given time.
josie Why do i have to be with?
I'm ever without but somehow it's always as though i need to with. Running from what i'm afraid without will be like.

How do you be content without?
Kati with is comforting because with is never alone 011115
reynada I am comfortable
pushing at layers of unknown
answering the question
"what are you thinking about"
not needing a way to control
what happens
just a reminder
to not over think
but just be

I feel a wholeness in my bond
that accepts what I don't know
and thus leaves the questions
for later

somewhere between
curious and content
secure and scared
motivated and motionless
and enjoying everything that is allowed
hoping only in the most abstract
the hope is that this
will never amount to less
than the simple closeness
I have already found
with you
accidentprone with you is where i want to be. 030726
smileygirl i am with 040309
Ladee D With or without your mind, there is no you. 040712
right before I left With means to accomplish the task at hand. 040906
sahba shit 040907
ninecat association 041219
Jess I was talking to my frind yesterday and she said her friend asked her if she was "with him"!
I found this an open ended question depending on how you interpret "Are you with me"!
It could be Are we an item, or are you following what Im saying or sometimes you say it at the end of a dramtic speach to gain following!
Are you with me?
behind me i am on my knees 080626
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