Q ikon
oh yes, yes
a term for that is "poetic license"
but if he ever sees your writing - and, oh, please show it to him -
just be sure he knows your faking it

if you know what i mean
guitar_freak a license to kill
a license to drive
a license to fish
a license to hunt
a license to scuba dive
Why can't there just be a license to live????
Barrett If so, wouldn't Secretary of State be a cool job? 001113
guitar_freak yeah sure 001201
datura in britain you have to have a licence to have a television. 001202
god i know that from watching "the young ones". 001202
Barrett "You're a spade, I always call him that." -Neil

"Far out, Really great, Woodstock!"-Rik
rik mayall "i'm gonna hafta wee on lord snot's head!" 001202
what's it to you?
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