misstree lord and master, the one, above, cordial master, the face of mercy, the name of god... 001229
demitria monde thraam my Overlord
waits for me
swathed in Power
wrapped in confidence
enjoying his control of me

i enjoy it so much

i now go to fall
into him
hold onto his back and ride
him into the ionosphere
bend my head down and suddenly
a facefull
of his long hair

i could just live here
in this stuff
the scent of it infusing into
my everythingness

i decline sleep often
my Lord, my Overlord, my Omniarch
can make me surrender to it
as an outpost in my
surrender to him.

eyes close
orgone and ozone
cheer-up-emo-kid calvin, do you think theres a god?
well, SOMEones out to get me....
phil today 020729
freakizh i just saw lord of the rings today

seems like a huge rpg to me. but without any control. yet predictable and entertaining.
anonymous -_-

I don't get it. I know in my heart if Jesus existed he would give me a clue. I am not talking about some old book with scary stories - I mean he would really get down with me and chill!

But the funny thing is...
I was walking home a few days ago passed the ghetto and three guys pulled me into an ally so deep and narrow it was like a tunnel. When I saw the first guy start to unzip his pants I just drop to my knees and started praying. Oh GOD! Oh GOD! oh GOD!

He just looked down at me and pulled out his nasty weenie and said - yah grl that's jus wherr I wans ya ta b. Then he tore at my t-shirt until my breasts where exposed. Then pinched my nipple soooo hard with a twist I almost fainted.

I could smell his stinky crotch as he pulled me near. I wanted to scream -- but all I do was whisper. No lord, please no.

Then I heard a whoop whoop cop car thingie sound and saw a bright light shine at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew they all ran like roaches when you turn on the light.

OK so -- it was no burning bush but it sure saved mine! Perhaps I'll have to reconsider this thing called faith!

cara Lord, you`re all the love I have
Lord you`re all the peace I get
Lord,you are the only truth I know

there was a man
climbing up a mountain
then he took a false step
and fell
he got hold of a branch and
clinged to it
there he hang hours and hours
and cried for help
getting weaker and weaker
a man`s face appeared above him
and he heard him say
"let go. why don`t you let it go?"
blinded and bound by his fear
he hadn`t seen the ground half a metre below him

let go
let yourself fall into God`s mercy
into the Lord`s love
what's it to you?
who go