silentbob i'm always so shocked when i just happen to check my caller_id to find your last name.
What could you have wanted? I call back as soon as possible
ladybird Some people think they are called by God. I don't think HE calls me, or if He does, I'm not listening. There's too much other noise - the calls of my friends, of a few pints, of university, of writing and living and having a laugh. I like it better that way. God's call is over-rated.
I'd say.
caveman you called me yesterday 011015
CheapVodka i called the radio station once... 011102
TK ...You again tonight, this has to be the 4th time since x-mass
Maybe you feel I've neglected you, or that you’re of no use to me any more. Or simply unwanted, if only I could talk to you and make you realize that I simply can't imagine my life w/o you in it, you truly mean so much more to me than you realize
*Sigh* I hope ppl are tipping you well as you deliver their pizzas tonight, if I knew you were coming to deliver my pizza I'd answer the door wearing only a smile and a towel.
Glory Box There was one time you did.

There was another time you were calling.

I sat by the phone for an hour with sweaty palms clenched trying to come up with new and interesting ways to answer the phone.

You make me so nervous I'm sick sometimes.
ferret yyyyyooooouuuuuu raaaaaang? 030806
niska a-hoy-hoy? 030807
Connecting..the.dots.. I called you but your not home, as you said you probably wouldn’t be, but I miss you, and even though you'd probably only be bitching and complaining about this that and the other thing as you usually do I just wanted to hear your voice, I'll try again later after I take my shower even though I know you most likely wont be home even then.. 040613
witchesrequiem I wonder when I call and leave a meesage if it makes you smile to here it or if you just scan over it to the next one. 040613
silentbob she called me last night.
out of nowhere
and her voice was losing and she had a thicker accent
and we talked about our collective scars
and horseflies and other goings on
when we might see each other again
who is who and how they are
we talked for an hour
maybe a little more
and that was that
she said to call
duckling i erased his numbers from my phone today
both of them
the cell and the apartment.

and it makes me a little sad in a
sick codependent way
because i loved seeing his name
lit up every time i scanned my phone book.
what's it to you?
who go