youla i didn't even know there was such a thing as a chicago accent until people at college started teasing me about it. now, i like it when i hear it. Gaaad! 000601
deb my dad is from
north carolina,
and he still has his accent
even though he's
lived in the midwest
it's funny, though,
how stupid people are.
whenever someone at his work
asks him where he's from,
he says
"south omaha"
and they believe him!
all surprised,
"oh! i wouldn't have guessed!"
bunch of fucking morons
twiggie when i first moved to CT, everyone made fun of my minnesota accent. i never knew i had one. so i made fun of their accents. gradually over the 2 years following that i picked up the long island new york new england italian accent worse than everyone out there. then when i moved here everyone bothered me about that accent. it's faded though. i still say coffee "cwoffee", and when i'm angry i say everything like i used to.

but whenever i talk to my friends from CT over the phone they say i sound like bobby's mom on bobby's world.
i just can't win.
devalis When I went to camp, even the Canadian guy said that I had the thickest accent he'd ever heard. Everyone could tell that I was from Cleveland before I even told them so because of said accent. Weird. 020811
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ i think that i have an accent fetish. you give me an irish accent i will go insane. 040229
werewolf tisn't that grand? 040301
falling_alone i say british accent with a british accent 040301
her royal highness the quirk god i miss my midwestern lack of accent. these north carolina people are a bad influence on my voice. 040301
thunderbuck ram my British accent is distinctly Scottish. 040823
me my british accent is british ... but i still maintain thats its everyone else that has the accent:P and at least i don't sound chavvy! (sorry to and chavs around:D) 060225
caresscoffee i wasn't aware there was a michigan accent until i moved to north carolina.. an' people always ask where i'm from because i have a funny accent.. an' it's gotten worse because my significant other is british an' i've start talking like him.. but i still sound like i'm from the north.. 060225
emmi meet someone so nice and then... he has the wrong accent. what to do? 060522
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