sagsde Scottish is that which comes from Scotland.

niki oh is 020216
sean connery yesh 020217
bran faol I met a drunken scotsman when he was pepper sprayed in my lawn by an overzealous security officer.

he told the police he was a nazi
and to kill him or take him to the hospital.

i ran into him later up the road,
asked if the nazi bull shit was real?

he said, he was proud of being white.

i said, that's all fine and dandy, but there's a difference between that and being a fucking nazi.

he paused. asked me to take him to rehab.

i did.

he called me a week later said he'd been kicked out.

i think it's just an extremely bad case of repressed celtic passions
it makes me want to cry
bruceaisher If its no Scottish, its crrrr---ap 040108
smeefy Scottish accents are mega sexy. 040315
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