sabbie i always wanted to move to liverpool to get an accent like lister.

we have to scotish boys over here at the moment. i go and talk to them every night jsut to hear their accents.

im such a sucker for accents.
parrot mad i pick them up as i go, any time i talk long enough to someone who has one other than mine, i end up with it too, until the next one. 020415
smeefy God I love Lister's accent! :D

My absolute favorite around the world would have to be Scottish, Russian, and Australian, though.
smeefy I can't choose between them! 040315
silentbob (manifest)

I want to call requests through heating-vents, and hear them answered with a whisper, "No." To crack the code of muscle, slacken, tense. Let every second step in boots on snow complete your name with accents I can't place, that stumble where the syllables combine. Take depositions from a stranger's face. Paint every insignificance a sign. So tell me nothing matters, less or more. Say, "Whatever we think actions are, we'll never know what anything was for." If "Near is just as far away as far," and I'm permitted one act I can save, I choose to sit here next to you and wave
stork daddy i go nuts for a cookie monster accent 040316
Naamiee I am Canadian, and I love Scottish accents. Especially those of Glasgow. 040525
elisabeth42 Oh yeah, accents... we've each got one. "I wanna cuppa cawffee." 040526
Lint Lover Some say you have a sort of California surfer stoner accent and others called it a speech impedement.
I think it's kinda sexy especially when you whisper in my ear
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