Quintessensual Complete Confusion

One says you know, no,
I don't know, no,
get what I mean?
Other says I don't, no,
I'd like to though,
here's the pencil, so
one writes you no, know
I don't no, know,
get what I mean?
Note too I sometimes write
know when I mean no,
or is it no when I mean know, so
you need to figure it out,

Copr. 1999
deb ... me, when i have you ... 991215
valis the work of the skin is never done. 991215
jennifer long ago, when I was new I was complete
then I gave a piece of me to you
and you held it tight within your grasp
and teased me with it
and held it high aloft
and I was content
but a cold breeze came and tossed it on
and I searched and searched for that
one missing piece
and I found it
stuck on someone else's shoe
and I picked it up
and held it close
and tried to give it back to you
but you had turned me away
so now I wander the lonely streets
in search of someone
to clean and mend and take my piece
torch to feel that incredible wholeness that so few of us feel these days--to know that at this very moment you are whole, all of the missing parts are found, all of the distressed nerves soothed back into place, the world is right. 000123
WoNDERGIRL the world IS right
and everything is perfect
due to you
and your perfection
you increadible little fuck, you
kx21 Nothing is complete in the UNIVERSE. 010102
blown cherry So perhaps outside this universe I will stand.
So strangely -
how I feel when you are close.
And when you leave I am in pieces and alone again.
sterling625 aaron, hun, you complete me. 030104
Bianca i dont understand. I try n i try to come up woth exuses...force myslef to do something awful. bulimac...drinkin....smoking...gothic....punk....injection of air into veins...hairspray inhalence....od of meds...anything to give me a fucking reason why i am like this. I mean i was a little girl....quiet shy n pretty....n i am fucked up...have been for a long time...i mean i did all this shit for awhile-each one once or twice...then i get broed or lazy or w/e...but yea i am actually fucking doin all these things every now n then so maybe i could find a reason y i am fucked up...i was fucked up b4 i even did any of that me...all i want is a reason i mean ppl with problems who say...acholosim-they know what is rong what they can do to fix it..i dont. i am just me n then only way to fix me...well only one intention comes to mind... 031109
scorpion heart is a feeling i have never felt, complete like a full glass of milk, yeah so its full and what if im not after drinking it? my stomach is stretched but my insides are now just all cold and my body still craving. is it knowledge i am yearning? blood tingles as i dare to believe, is it him. is it him i want i need. damn i want to be complete. i need him to be complete. what a fucked up world. i get another cup of milk. 031116
Syrope i feel it

too bad we're out of milk

i can't taste anything anyway
Asylum Bound You Complete Me But Why Do I Feel So Empty?? 050113
who i am doesnt matter anymore most days i feel complete

and then i think about all the people i adore and because im not with them

i am not complete
Complete Completey wow this is a complete waste of time 070423
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