psyki gone. forever. 000213
age glad it's over. very. 000223
roxy one destruction after another. the worst year of my life. torn down a hundred times. chewed up alive. trampled into the ground. left alone. left wondering if i'm guilty. left terrified. last year sucked so bad and the worst part now, looking back on it, is that i don't see this year improving on its predecessor. 000223
amy it was the rainiest winter ever. and the summer that liked rain much better too.
people didn't really say too much about it while it was happening, but this year we can afford to joke around about it...
because this year is much better.
Tink cause i'm STILL gettin mine in the
1-9-9-9. Common makes me cry sometimes.
amy it came about through happenstance (well... not really...) that i happened to be unhappy 000409
miniver I will exchange my one-and-three-nines,
for a two-and-three-zeroes, please.
Thank you.

To spend, to save.
It must be professed,
the Year of the Pocket.
Or maybe of the Carpet.
Either could use a "year of the", I imagine.
datura 1999. fell down the stairs crying.
died in the rain because there was nothing else to do.
kirstin it started out at the bottom of the barrel
and ended up in the clouds.
mmm we (or tleast i) didn't really party like prince promised we would, i think the song should have been we're gonna hype it up like its 1999 010326
Chrity go to:
punk what a shitty year 010419
kodakrome what happend that made it so shitty

or do you really feel that way about
every year.
elisabeth the year my sister graduated. the year i realized that there is pain in this world the year i realized so much. i want to forget it. the year i realized that i was loosing my sister to collage and never getting her back. oh how i miss her. 010614
j_blue i lost one of my friends to collage. i kept telling her not to do it; that her obsession to her art was a bit too all-consuming, but she wouldnt listen

and now, she is gone

sorry about that
nocturnal at work hehe. I wanted to comment on that myself, but decided against it. thanks for doing it for me. 010615
Juuitchan Mu. 010830
Syrope my last year of innocence 020211
Miss Kitty Because tonight we're going to party like it's 1999. One for the 'nine nine - two thousand. The year I made it on to the hill. Song - The Summer of '69.
Forever Young.
wopkins the year that comes two and a half years before July of 2001 and three years after five years before 2001 040307
Nick I preffered 1996... 040609
violet strangt 1999 was the year that the Indian nuclear satellite went out of control.
- until the end of the world: best film ever
denial no one knew where it might land.
it soared above the ozone layer like a lethal bird of prey.
what's it to you?
who go